Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a Week

Sorry, I haven't written for awhile, things have been so hectic around here. Well last week was a great week. Sunday started our annual Preaching Conference. At first I was kinda upset because one of my favorite speakers, Pastor Oulette, wasn't able to attend. However, it was the best conference I ever remember having. God really spoke to me about a lot of things. It was a very enjoyable time. I always love to see my church packed out with visitors from Florida to Canada. The week continued to get better and better throughout the week. On Friday, both Nicole and I took the day off work. We just needed a break! Then at 11:00 my family and Paul headed down the road to Coffee Creek for a picnic. The weather was absolutely beautiful! I packed Paul and I a little picnic, while the rest of my family had their own. I have not been on picnic for such a long time. It was completely wonderful!After we ate, Paul and I went on a little walk. The day was exceptional beautiful. And I had such a great time talking with Paul.

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  1. Hey Brooke, I had the best time on Friday! You really know how to pack a good picnic basket. ;)