Wednesday, July 29, 2009

God still answers prayer

Last Sunday was one of the greatest Sundays ever! Timmy, a little boy I have been babysitting for two years now, came to church with me. I couldn't help but beam with joy as I walked back to the bus- with him by my side. He was so cute on the bus. He was trying so desperately hard to sing all the "church" songs. He was so good. And I was so proud to have him ride with me to church.
You know, on Saturday I had to give my testimony in Nursing Home. I encouraged the elderly people to keep praying and to never give up, because God wants to answer their requests. It was then that I realized that I had given up on Tim. I had tried so many times to get him and his mom out to church and it just never worked out, so I gave up. But after I gave my testimony I realized the person who really needed my little " speech" was none other than myself. Later that day I called Tim's mom and asked if he could ride with me. To tell the truth, I didn't believe for one moment that he would be able to. But I decided to give Tim another chance, I decided to see if God really would answer this prayer that I had prayed for for such a long time. And sure enough...God answered my prayer. You know it is so easy for me to give up on God...but He never gives up on me. God is still in the miracle working business. and yes- God still answers prayer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Well I just received some of the pictures form Ervin and Kiandy's Wedding. I had such a great time simply being with the bride during that very special time in her life.

Getting ready for the Big Night!

I never realized how complicated it really is to put on a wedding dress. I think that truly is the main purpose of the brides maids- to help dress the bride!

Just having fun

The Schrocks

Now I got you, and there is nothing you can do it about it now!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Is it really worth it?

No doubt that at one point or time in your life you have been told or perhaps have even said, "It hurts to be beautiful." Now, all my life I have believed, that yes, some times it was worth a little bit of pain and discomfort in order for those moments of beauty. However, after Monday, I have definitely changed my mind. I mean is it really worth it? Monday morning Deb came over to practice on my hair for the wedding. After 2 hours, she threw up her hands and gave up. We decided that before I went to bed that night, I would put my hair up in sponge rollers and sleep with them. The next day, hopefully my thick head of stubborn hair would cooperate. That night, my mom put in the sponge rollers. As I sat there, my mind raced to my childhood. Those awful days when my mom would attempt to brush my hair. All the while I would be screaming, as she viciously tried to get the knots out of my hair. I sat there as still as I could. I thought I sat pretty well under the know my mother was not very gentle on my tender head. After an hour the rollers were in, the scarf was tied around my head and I was off to bed... That night was definitely not one of sweet dreams. I tossed and turned all night... I mean you try sleeping with tons of rollers in your head... Well, early the next morning ,Deb came over once again. However this time, 40 minutes later Deb was able to leave with a job well done. I have to admit she did a great job. I was able to flaunt a beautiful hair style for 10 hours. But was it really worth it? I mean a whole 10 hours of beauty... I gave up a whole night of sleep. It also cost me a screaming head try havi ng50 bobby pins in your head ALL day, it hurts believe me.
Well, just to prove to you that it really is not worth it, just look at this picture here below....

After all that, when it was all said and done, when the bobby pins were removed...I certainly did not look too beautiful...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just thinking...

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, a dangerous past time...I know. However, sometimes I can't help myself. You see sometimes I get to feeling sorry for myself. I know, just writing this down helps me to see how foolish I am. I have no reason to feel sorry for myself, I have everything anyone could ever wish for. I have a great family, I am in good health etc.. Yet, sometimes I catch myself having a "pity party". Do you ever catch yourself thinking that you are the only one out their going through the things you are going through. Maybe you don't, but I certainly do. To be honest, sometimes I really feel like giving up, you know, why must I always fight to do the right thing. It would be so much easier to simply give in. However, this week I read the account of Jesus praying in the garden, the trial and His crucifixion in the book of Mark. However, I saw everything in a a different light this time. Growing up in a christian home, it is so easy to take everything for granted, including the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. However, as I read the passages in Mark14, I realized how foolish I really was being. Here I was feeling discouraged over petty little things. I thought that no one understood what I was going through. Then I read of Jesus. As I read the passage, I began to underline everything that Christ went through just that night. He was betrayed by his friends, his closest friends were offended of Him. His best friends could not even pray with Him. At the time He needed He needed His friends most, they fell asleep. Then these friends forsook him and fled. The very people He had ministered to lied about Him. And all the while he held His peace. I can only picture myself, standing there. No doubt, I would have began crying, feeling sorry for myself, because no one understood me. I am sure I then would have begun to yell out that they were lying, and that they were just out to get me. But not Jesus, He simply held His peace. The very people He came to earth for, then condemned Him to death. I problems I had faced seemed so small when I compared them to all that Christ went though. And why did He do all that..for me. So that one day, when I was feeling down, I could look at the ultimate example and say He died for me, the least I can do is keep trudging along and live for Him.

Independance Day

"Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" I had a great time celebrating the birth of this great nation. On Wednesday, my family and I went to the dunes where we watched an awesome display of fireworks over Lake Michigan. As I sat there looking up into the sky, I couldn't help but whelm up in pride. I am so very proud to be an American.

Saturday, our wonderful little town of Chesterton had a 4th of July parade. Nicole, Tab, and I all decided to go; we had a great time. I absolutely love small towns. I watch as the people crowded into the small streets with all of their belongings: lawn chairs, blankets, coolers, flags, etc... I then carefully observed as every single person arose from their seats as the soldiers marched by waving our great flag. You know, I realized that America is having a lot of problems. I believe our forefathers would hang their heads in shame if they could see the way America is heading today. However, I still believe that America is the greatest country in all the world. I am proud to be classified with her.

Happy Birthday America!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I can't believe it has been over a month since I last wrote. So much has happened, for one, I have turned nineteen years old. However, in the mean time I have found myself doing a lot of reminiscing. In April I was asked to be a bride's maid of one my good friends. Her wedding is coming up so quickly, it is on July 10th. Last Monday was the bride to be's wedding shower. My job was to write the list of all the gifts received. As I sat there I began to reminisce. I thought back to the first time I met Kiandy, in the fifth grade. I thought back to the time she told me about this amazing man she talked to and was really hoping would ask her out. I remember the way she beamed when she told me that she could not serve with me at the Christmas banquet because HE had asked her to sit with him. I remember the day he told her he loved her. And how could I forget the day she came running over to me holding her hand out, proudly wearing her beautiful diamond ring. And now in just a week, I will have the honor to stand as my good friend Kiandy marries the man of her dreams, Ervin.

On June 27th I also did a lot of reminiscing. You see on June 27, 2008, Paul and I had our very first date together. We spent the day playing miniature golf and went out to eat and got ice cream. I can not believe that an entire year has passed by. And now a year later I found myself on June 27, 2009 sitting next to Paul again. He was able to come here for my birthday, and we had a great time together.

June 27, 2008

June 27, 2009

Thursday, I watched "my girl", Olivia leave school. I have been able to work with Olivia for the past year. Right from the start I fell for Olivia. Her puppy dog eyes and bright smile could make me do anything, including giving her that extra gummy bear every day when it was time for her to go home. Tuesday, with tears in my eyes, i watched "my girl" walk out of the door. Teachers are supposed to teach their children and influence them, however I really think I learned more from Olivia. You know, I really wasn't a "kid person" until I began working with Olivia and the other kiddies at Wee Care. Because of kids like Olivia, I have learned how to work better with kids and how to really put yourself into children without expecting anything in return. I really love that little girl and I am going to miss her tremendously.

This past month has definitely been one of much reminiscing.