Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sometimes I don't fee like getting up on Saturday morning after a long, hard, and tiring week. Sometimes I wish I could simply lie in my bed and catch just one more hour of sleep. After all, it seems like I never get to sleep in.
Sometimes I think that it is really a waste of time- I mean how many people have gotten saved from my efforts.
Sometimes my friends die and sometimes it hurts me real bad- sometimes they die when I have only known them for a short period of time. Sometimes they die after several years of our friendship. In fact one of my friends dies almost every month or week.
Sometimes I get angry with how some families neglect their loved ones. And I think how I will never do such a thing.
Sometimes I wonder is after going for years and years if they even remember my name.

Sometimes I wonder is this worth it....

Then I get up, get dressed and go to the Waters of Dune land Nursing Home...
I no longer wish for that extra hour of sleep when I see the elderly...I see them anxiously call for the nurse to get them ready so they can go to the 10:00 church service we hold every Saturday.
I then realize it is worth it when just one person after years of holding service, turns from Catholicism and accepts Christ alone.
Although I have lost many friends, and see so many drift away- I know that I have made a difference in their life- in fact they have made a difference in mine.
I have learned how to encourage the weak, feeble, and lonely.
I have learned that although they may not remember my name- they remember what I come for. As we sing old hymns like: In the Garden, The Old Rugged Cross, or Amazing Grace, my friends have tears come to their eyes. As we take prayer request and each Saturday they thank God that we faithfully visit them. When I leave an hour and half later and they plead for one more hug- after all that may be the only hug they get all week...
Sometimes I think...
Why do I ever wonder if it is worth it...
It is one of the most worthy things I do all week. And if I have to give up an hour of sleep for that- that I'll gladly give it up.
Sometimes- as I sit in the service and listen to my dad preach and my little sister play the piano, I have to sit back and smile- This is so worth it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

not what I was expecting...

The other day I got an response that I was not expecting... Let me explain.
I came into work to find Grace ( one of my favorites) sitting at a table all alone during lunch time. I immediately knew she must have got in trouble for something. I soon found out that she had thrown a fit before lunch time, thus she was sitting at a separate table from the rest of her friends. Soon lunch ended and all the children went outside to play, all except for Grace- she was still being punished. After a few minutes, I decided Grace had sat long enough. I went inside to talk to Grace. We came to a compromise- if she could tell what she did wrong I would let her get up and go outside and play.
I looked into her big brown eyes. She looked so confused, after all how could of she done anything wrong. Then tears came to her eyes. She shook her head and looked down in shame.

"Ok Grace tell me- what did you do wrong?"

"Miss Brooke, I'm, I'm just not filled with he Holy Ghost."

I tried desperately hard not to laugh. I was in shock- did she really just say she wasn't filled with the Holy Ghost?

"Your not filled with the Holy Ghost...???"

"No, I'm not Miss Brooke, but I hope to be filled one day. Because when you're filled fire comes on your head."

Well that was certainly an answer that in all my life I never ever expected to hear from a little five year old girl.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My God is so Big!

Have you ever been in the middle of doing something, going through life when out of the blue God speaks to you. Well that happened to me this past week. Every Sunday, I have the privileged of helping on a bus route that goes through the area picking up kids for church. On the way to Sunday School I lead the kids in singing Bible songs, playing a game, telling a story etc... I do this every week... However this past week something happened.
As I stood in front of the bus I began to lead the children in one their favorite songs...My God is So Big: It goes like this:

My God is so Big so strong and so mighty
there's nothing my God cannot do

The mountains are His the valleys are His
the stars are His handy work too

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty
there's nothing my God cannot do -For You!

The children yelled out the final words of the song, "for you" and 40 little fingers pointed directly at me. I stood there speechless for a moment. Thinking...I have been singing that song since I was a little girl. Yet, this was the first time those words ever really hit home to me. It just a children's song. Yet what truth is in those words. My God really is So BIG and you know there's really is nothing that my God cannot do FOR ME!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Changing...

Well, today I officially finished my second year of college. As I handed my teacher my last final of the year, my mind began to race through my entire Sophomore year. So much happened... I then thought of how I had changed. I have changed so much this past year... I thought back to when I finished high school I was so excited and determined to succeed in college. I was ready to plunge ahead into a Science degree. Then, I found out that Science majors must minor in Math. With a broken heart I decided not to major in Science simply because I loath Math. I then seriously prayed about Elementary education. Working at a day Care, I had realized I had a soft spot for small children, and I thought maybe Elementary Education might be a good future for me. However, I just did not have peace about Elementary Education. I knew I wanted to minor in Speech, but then what about my major? ( I know I'm weird most people would chose the major first...) I reluctantly and last minute decided on History. I have never been a History person, it simply bored me. I was a Science girl through and through. But something happened this year. I think it is that History teacher of mine....He's changing me... I find myself waking up every morning looking forward to listening to: Don Wade and Roma

I find myself looking forward to cleaning the Day Care at night just so I can crank up News Radio 890 and listen to Sean Hannity
But what I look forward to the those wonderful hour between 12:00- 4:00 when my hero, might I add I am seriously considering naming my first born Rush....that prideful, cocky, brash Rush Limbaugh comes on over the air! I just love to hear him!

See, I tell you I have changed...One year ago, I would have never spent a moment of my time listening to News Radio. But now I listen intently so I can intelligently discuss Current events with my teacher.

My History teacher has changed me I tell you! I have also grown to love and appreciate this American more than any other:
What a great President he was.

My History teacher has changed me so much. As I was looking through my day planner, I had to scratch my head and ask myself, what is happening to me...I'm changing. I looked at the list of books I want to read this summer, I found a list of history books, books my History teacher has endorsed. What's wrong with me? This isn't the Brooke I knew a year ago, wanting to read History books????
I then have found myself anxiously telling my parents, sisters, girls at work, and you how excited I am about next year History classes. I get to take Economics, 20th Century, Government- Boy, I can't wait till History Class!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Different Infatuations

I thought I would do something a little, light hearted today...
Many of you who read my blog are also readers of my sister's blog. If you aren't let me just encourage you to read her blog. It is a lot more interesting than mine. Nicole and I are alike in many ways. Let's see, we have the same parents, we work at the same place, go to church together, we are both somewhat laid back...I know that we are alike in more ways, however, I think the list of differences would be much longer. Today I would like to show you one difference between the two of us. We have different infatuations...
Do you recall my sister's strange infatuation with Charles Martin? (To read her post of him click here.) Might I add that she has a book mark in his website. She watches previews for his newest books (ya- I didn't know their were previews for books either, until now) She has a life size poster of him - ok she doesn't. But- he is one of her infatuations. So, who is my infatuation you might be asking.
I like to read. If I had to choose an author it would probably be Mary Higgins Clark. However, never once have I even had a remote desire to look her up on line, follow a website of hers, or even check and see when her newest book will arrive at the library. So...she is not my infatuations. But I guess you could say that he is....
I can read your mind..."who in the world is this man..."

Have I got your curiosity yet?

How about now?

No, he is not an author by any stretch...

But...he did make something...

Something absolutely amazing...

Something so amazing that I took the product name and made it into my email address....

Do you know yet...

Ok. I'll give you a hint:

Ah..he makes amazing hair products: He is the sole founder of Brilliant Brunette hair products. Have I said yet they are amazing! Without them I would die.. Ok- that was an exaggeration- but my hair would be dead. Seriously- before I met Brilliant brunette, my hair was burnt and broken Thank you John Freida. What a difference you have made in my life! :)