Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Christmas Break

Now that I am a teacher I think I can say that as a teacher I looked forward to Christmas break just as much if not more than my students did.  I found myself making a count down on the board and anxiously crossing off the days.  Once Christmas break did come it flew by all too quickly.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed my break and wished it would have lasted a little bit longer.

 This Christmas was very different from all others.  Christmas morning my older sister wasn't there to unwrap gifts with. However, she and her husband were able to come over in the afternoon to celebrate with us.  
This truly was an amazing Christmas.  Although part of me was sad to wake Christmas morning and just feel like it wasn't right without my big sister.  As I sat at the dinner table and looked around at my family I could not help but smile.  Nicole next to Jack..the two of them are perfect..that is just where she is supposed to be.  Seeing the two of them together fills me with a joy I can't explain.  I love Nicole and I love my new brother as well.  As my eyes shifted over to my mother  I couldn't help but silently thank God.  Just a few months before I heard the word cancer come across the phone.  Now, I was home with my cancer free mom- God is so good.  He never ceases to amazing me with His goodness. 

Having two photographers in our family now, we could not possibly let a holiday go by without a family picture.  I couldn't help but post the first two "oops" pictures. Apparently we didn't realize Jack  was taking pictures. 

A week after Christmas, Lauren and I were able to go over to Jack and Nicole's house for a couple of days.  We had so much fun just sitting around like little girls giggling and having fun.  Although, at one point I did have to stop and wonder: when did this happen?  When did we suddenly grow up?  I looked at my big sister who is now married to an amazing man and she herself is quite a wonderful homemaker.  I looked at my little sister who is in her second year of college and dating a nice young man. Time flies so quickly. We sat around reminiscing on old times and games we used to play laughing and sharing our memories with one another.  It didn't need to be said but I believe we all were thinking we have the best sisters ever!

Those two days went by to quickly, and once again before I knew it it was time to say good bye.  Although I hate leaving her and living four hours away I know distance won't change a thing we will always be there for each other. 

One evening before church I was able to go over to friend of mine's house.  I had the honor of being in Carla's wedding shortly before I moved to Ohio.  It was so nice to be able to catch up with her once again. While I was home I was also able to go for lunch with my friend Christina, who was visiting from Californian   The three of us started in kindergarten together and last May the three of us graduated from college together.  It is amazing to see how God is working in each of our lives in different ways.

ON the last day of my break, Kemisha flew back to the states from Grenada.  Although, I'm sure she hated to leave all her friends and family back in Grenada,  I was terribly excited to spend a day with my best friend before I had to head back to Ohio.  Although we didn't have much time together we always manage to fill the time we have with good laughs and wonderful times.

That same day Lauren's boyfriend flew back to college a little early and surprised her. My family along with Kemisha and Matt went to Chili's for a wonderful dinner.  

The four of us had a great time sitting around and playing games.

So thankful for these two.  They both have the ability to make me laugh like no one else. 

Although my Christmas break was a whole two weeks long.  It just didn't seem long enough.  However, part of me was also ready to head back to my church, friends, and students in Ohio.
But...I already put a countdown up on the board until Easter :)