Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Father's Pleasure

"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."
Luke 12:32

I am sure I have read over this verse several times in my life. Yet, it has never struck me as it has now. It has definitely become one of my favorite verses.

How easy it is for me to become so consumed with self. What do I want to do some day, where am I going to live someday, on and on. Honestly, everything I desire and want out of my life are good and noble things. But, are they what God wants for me?

Lately, I feel as if all my plans have blown up in my face... Now, I am slowly learning to stop all my planning. Yes, I still have dreams and aspirations for my future. And I believe that God will give me the desires of my heart- however- he may also change those desires into something I would have never imagined. Something so much better.

I guess I am writing this all to say that through this wonderful verse God has been reminding me time and time again, that He has plans for me too. When I give over my plans then and only then will He reveal his plans for me. And I believe God's plans are so much better than mine. Sometimes I like to sit back and hope and dream of what my future my holds. Then I is my Father's pleasure to give me the kingdom. I think so many times Christians settle for a house or a cottage when the kingdom is just a few miles away and ignorantly not realizing that God had something so much more for them. But they had their own plans... I have decided that I am done planning things out myself and trusting and relying on self. God has something so much better for me.

God, I have been in control, it is as if I have given you a piece of paper with all MY plans in life and I have been asking for your approving signature. God, now, I give you the piece of paper with my signature on the bottom - You write the plans and I will simply follow!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Heard Footsteps

Just thought I'd shared with you one of my recent favorite songs. I have found myself singing the words and humming the tune everyday (much to the dismay of my family.) I really like it and I hope you will be blessed by the words as I have been.

I Heard Footsteps

You ask me about the mountains, Yes, I've been there
Felt the sun shine on my shoulders and the warm wind blow.

You ask me about the valleys, Yes, I've been there
Had my heart to break in two and felt the tear drops flow.

But I heard footsteps walking in the shadow,
and a hand reached out to tell me, He was there.
Yes, I heard footsteps waling in the shadow,
and a hand reached out to tell me, He was there.

Talking about the good times, Yes, I've had them,
Had my heart ring out with laughter as the Lord answered my prayer.

Talking about the bad times, Yes, I've had them,
Had my world to crumble down and no one but God to care.

But I heard footsteps walking in the shadow,
and a hand reached out to tell me, He was there.
Yes, I heard footsteps walking in the shadow,
and a hand reached out to tell me, He was there.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lunch Break

So...I thought I would do something a little different- I have posted several pictures and written many posts all about my job. Have I mentioned how very much I love my job? Yes- I absolutely love my kiddos. But today I thought I'd talk about my lunch break- yes that one hour of freedom away from my children. That one hour that flies by so quickly. The hour in which I do not have to hear the word, Miss Brookey, spoken one time- well...unless my sister, Nicole, accidentally calls me that out of habit. Ah...the lunch break...
Today my lunch break was exceptionally wonderful. First Nicole and I got to take our break together, which is always a plus. Then, we went to Dairy Queen, another plus. Side note: I really really like DQ. Let me give you a brief Dairy Queen commercial- did you know you can get a drink or arctic rush, a small treat, a fries, and a hot dog, hamburger, or chicken strips all for the grand total of $3.59- It's that great! Well- there is a catch-it's not that good. You do have to suffer the humiliation of saying- "I'll take the kid's meal" Ya- I do get kind of embarrassed as I say those words, however I have found if I say those words then turn to my sister and start talking about a kid in the car- it works a lot better....
Well anyway, Nicole and I then took our meal to the Dunes. It was such a beautiful day and we really enjoyed our food....oh ya, and our time together Seriously, I had a great time with my sister and it really was the best part of the day. Well, then again lunch is always the best part of the day isn't it?
Just a few pictures from our lunch break:

Me and my favorite Co-worker
Bye- now it's off to work we go...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Never Again!

Never ever again! I have finally successfully finished my History textbook- History of the World. It was approximately 922 pages, and I read every word. However, I do not plan on reading a book that large ever again in my life! Beginning with the Foundations of the world and first civilizations spanning to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War in 1991. This book covered more than I could handle. And I will never, ever read a book this large again!...Well, maybe not unless it covers a topic I thoroughly enjoy then, maybe, maybe...


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