Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sorry, what can I say...

I know I know, what can I say..I have honestly been terribly busy.  And may I add, I haven't really been in the blogging mood if you know what I mean.  For all of you out there who are not naturally writers, you know how tedious the task of writing can often be.  However, since it is now the end of April I figured it was about time I updated by blog.  

During the last several months I have been able to hang out with some of my friends on several different occasions.  

I was able to tag along with Nicole to a game night at Jack's.  It was a lot of fun.  And I enjoyed getting to meet new people.

Not only did we play several hours of games but also Jack and Nicole were able to get several fun poses together :)

Some time ago, my friend Carla asked me to have the honor of standing in her wedding with her.  Of course I agreed.  A short time later we bridesmaids had a meeting at David's Bridal trying on dress after dress.  We had such a great time and made many memories to last a lifetime. 
While there Carla entered a drawing at David's Bridal and won a free makeover for her and her bridesmaids.

We all had so much fun getting pampered for a couple of hours.

Not only was I able to spend some extra time with friends the last few months.  But I also have been extremely busy babysitting.  It seems like every weekend I babysit.  I have known Olivia since she was only three years old however, she will be turning 7 years old in just a week.  Little Olivia seems to have found a way into my family.  My sisters, Olivia, and I all treated ourselves to manicures.  

As an early graduation gift, Nicole bought me a ticket to a concert in Chicago. The three of us marked our calenders several months before and anxiously awaited the arrival of our day.

It finally arrived and might I add it was even better and more amazing than I had anticipated.  

As to what else I have been doing the last several months I guess I could sum it up in a couple words: church, school, and work.  
However, seeing that graduation is just a few weeks away, I plan on blogging a little more regularly once again.