Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh my Goodness!

Last night was definitely quite a night! You see, I had ran, well actually I drove, to the Hair Salon to get my hart cut. Mind you I am a very cautious and observant driver. Unlike one my sisters, I won't mention any names. But my older sister who has sneezed and almost hit the medium, or the time she really got into the story, that she just ran the red light. The time she got a charlie and almost went into the the oncoming traffic lane, etc.... I could go on and on... However, last night I was on my way home with my beautiful new do. I was coming to the stop light. I let off the gas so I could slowly ease to a gentle stop. I then lightly pressed on the gas petal. Oh,if there was one thing I could take back would be that dreaded moment when I pressed the gas ever so lightly. It all happened so fast, I really don't know exactly what happened! Before I knew it there were two police men standing at my window. Red and blue light flashing in my rear view mirror. And there I was starring ahead in a complete daze, wondering, "what in the world did I just do." The police then asked me a few questions:
Miss may I please have your drivers licence, car registration, and insurance card. I quickly pulled out my licence. I then began the search for the registration and insurance card. "Mr. Policeman, I have never gotten pulled over before, you see I usually don't run into people, so I can't find my registration, if you could please give a few minutes I assure I'll find it for you."

Then Mr. Policeman proceeded to ask me what happened whose fault was it. Which I replied, "Well Mr. Policeman, truthfully it is no one's fault. Well, actually it is my shoe's fault. You see as I was pushing on the gas, my shoe kinda got stuck. My shoe wouldn't let me take my foot off the gas petal. So if you are going to arrest someone, take them.
Mr. Policeman then informed me that actually it was my fault. My response was to simply cry, sob, and weep uncontrollably for a hour or two.

However through it all I learned a few things:

1. Never wear flip flops when driving.

2. Crying doesn't work on police men..they are cold hearted.

3. If you are going to get in an accident at least look good for it...get a haircut or something. You know everyone will stare at you when they drive by, so might as well look cute for it!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Timothy Paul and Stephanie. These are a names familiar in the ears of all who know me well. For those of you who don’t know my little Timmy, and Stephanie let me briefly explain. I have known Tim and Stephanie for about a year and half now. Through a series of events I became acquainted with Stephanie, and became little Timmy’s official babysitter. I love watching Timothy. He is full of energy, and he is simply a good little boy. It was simply an extra enjoyable job until August of 2008. I got a call from Stephanie-” Brooke I have cancer.” My role in their small family, changed, I was now more than a babysitter, but a friend. Through her sickness I was able to talk to her more openly about God and His son Jesus Christ. However, now Stephanie is cancer free. She no longer wants to hear me speak about my God and my religion.
Well Saturday I was able to babysit Timmy. He is growing up so fast, which reminds me of the little time I have left with him. Soon he will be to0 big for babysitters. This summer especially I am determined to be the best possible witness I can be. I want to see Tim come to church with me a lot this summer. Please pray with me, Steph and Tim really mean a lot to me.

What a Week

Sorry, I haven't written for awhile, things have been so hectic around here. Well last week was a great week. Sunday started our annual Preaching Conference. At first I was kinda upset because one of my favorite speakers, Pastor Oulette, wasn't able to attend. However, it was the best conference I ever remember having. God really spoke to me about a lot of things. It was a very enjoyable time. I always love to see my church packed out with visitors from Florida to Canada. The week continued to get better and better throughout the week. On Friday, both Nicole and I took the day off work. We just needed a break! Then at 11:00 my family and Paul headed down the road to Coffee Creek for a picnic. The weather was absolutely beautiful! I packed Paul and I a little picnic, while the rest of my family had their own. I have not been on picnic for such a long time. It was completely wonderful!After we ate, Paul and I went on a little walk. The day was exceptional beautiful. And I had such a great time talking with Paul.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Through different eyes

Although I hate to admit it, I know it's times I can be pessimistic. I am a melancholy; so I guess it's just part of my nature. Yes, at times I do see the cup half empty instead of half full. I have always heard that there is always two different ways to view everything that may come into my life. However, that has always been something difficult for me to realize. Yesterday at work through a very simple conversation with Faith, I realized that indeed there are two different ways to view everything, and I mean everything!
We were all playing outside on the playground, when four year old Faith called me over to the slide where she was starring intently at something.

"Miss Brookey, look at this."

"Oh great," I thought, as I looked down at the two obviously dead little ants on the slide. She had most likely squished the poor creatures as she had slid down the slide. I quickly thought of how exactly I would explain to her that unfortunately these little guys were dead.

"Do you see the pretty little bugs Miss Brookey?"

"Ya, I see them Faith." Then the dreaded question came...

"Why aren't they moving Miss Brookey?"

"Well, Faith, I think they might have...well...I think they might be dead..."

"Miss Brookey, you are so silly! They are not dead they are sleeping."

Once again I looked down at the two little bugs...I saw the one tiny little ant lift his little arm (or whatever you call it...antenna I guess.) He struggled a little bit and collapsed never again to rise.

" See, I told you Miss Brookey, the little buggy just moved...didn't you see him stretch and yawn, and now he went back to sleep. You are so goofy Miss Brookey, they are not dead, just so very sleepy."

"You are right, Faith...they certainly are sleeping, definitely not dead. I mean, the middle of the slide is the best place for a pretty little bug to take an afternoon nap."

So, yesterday little Faith taught me a little lesson. Life will be what I make of it. I will have hard times ahead of me, but I must have the mindset of little Faith....when creatures are lying on the middle of slide half- smashed in- they are definitely sleeping, cuddling real close to the slide for warmth. Never assume that they are dead.

" In the eyes of a child you will see... the world as it should be."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I cannot believe it...Easter aka Resurrection Sunday is here already. I love Easter! I love to watch the Easter program at my church. The program is not preformed by great actors. No, it is not preformed by people even taking speech or drama classes. The program is simply preformed by 3rd through 6th grade kids that my church picks up on the buses. No, the program didn't go perfectly. Yes, there were some mess up. Yes, there were some kids in the choir loft dancing with "Jesus Loves Me" ,and yes a kid did mess up on his line. Yet, I think I would rather attend this play more than any play on Broadway. You see, these kids are special. I love when I catch the eye of one of "my kids" up there. They stop singing and start waving their arms, "Miss Brooke" ( or Mrs. Brooks as most of them call me) "Hi! "Look at me, Mrs. Brooks!" I just love watching all those kids some from Gary, Portage, Black Oak, Chesterton etc... I don't know what will come of those kids. But I like to think that may be one or two of those kids will give there life completely over to the Lord, and make a difference in this world. I like to think that maybe one it would be one of"my kids." Maybe because I prayed for them. Maybe because I made a difference in their life. Who knows?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Elementary or Secondary?

I never thought this question would enter into my mind. Should I take elementary education or secondary education. Ever since I was a freshman in high school my mind had been firmly set on Secondary education. I adore several of my high school teachers, and one of them in particular had influenced me a lot in my teen years, of course I will take secondary in college. As I entered college in September, I spent little thought of what I would take. My mind was made up; I would be taking secondary education-no doubt about it. I just had to decide what my major and minor would be. I absolutely love Speech! But I also absolutely adore Science. I was forced to choose one or the other. You see Science and Math can not be separated. If I wanted to major or minor in Science, Math had to be with it. Therefor I couldn't have both of my interests. So I chose History and Speech. All went well first semester. I was confident in my decision. But now I am in doubt for a few reasons...

1. Biological Issues. You may wonder what this has to do with anything. You see this course that I am taking this semester, has stirred up my love for science. I have realized how much I really love Science and would thoroughly enjoy coming up with experiments etc..for a class. I can't ignore interest in Science greatly overpowers history.
2.Wee Care Child Development Center. I realized I love small kids. One of reasons I steered clear of elementary education was quite frankly because I didn't really like being with kids. I would rather teach teenagers who at least are advancing adulthood. However, now every day after college courses I go work with "my kids." I find myself sitting anxiously in my History or Government classes, waiting for the bell to ring so I can go talk with my little kids. Yes, work has definitely changed me. Children used to seriously get on my nerves. Now, just thinking of "my kids" bring a smile to my face. How could I spend my life away from small kids.
3.Sunday School. This year I also get the opportunity to work in the 4 year old Sunday School Class, under a great teacher. Through watching the teacher, I have learned how to properly deal with young children. I have gotten so much better at dealing with those "bad kids" who just can't or won't cooperate.

So as you can tell I am in quite the predicament. I am thinking I may switch college course to Elementary Education. Then I would be able to teach Science, along with all those fun experiments. But I would also take all the available Speech courses. I don't have to minor in it... Then, I could have both of "my loves"- Science and Speech. I still have a lot of praying and thinking to do before I switch over. So please pray with me that I make the right decision. Elementary or Secondary, that tis the question?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The art of brown-nosing

There are many arts that I would love to master, the art of playing the piano, the art of of keeping my mouth closed when it needs to remain closed, the art of speaking out when necessary, the art of origami, etc etc... However, there is one art that I have not mastered; one I hope I never do master....the art of brown nosing. One can not be mistaken about brown nosing, it truly is an art, and it truly is a talent that must be mastered. I have met many people who are truly amazing brown nosers, mainly fellow class mates. I always get annoyed and aggravated as they smile at the teacher and compliment them on their hair, outfit, etc.... I always thought to myself, "I will never fall to the devilish trap of the brown noser." However that was before I met the 2 king or should I say queen master brown nosers. Let me introduce you to Sarah and Olivia

Sarah's brown nosing:
Well, one must know Sarah to understand her unique personality. She had been begging me for a jelly bean all day, and when I say all day I mean all day. As a teacher I know the rule is you don't give jelly beans out unless a child is cleaning up extremely well, singing out, etc... A teacher can not just give jelly bean to a child when she feels like it, for you see if a teacher proceeds to give one child a jelly bean soon 15 children will come running over demanding likewise. So after begging and begging Sarah decided to use her mastery brown nosing skill instead. However what she did not realize was that I hate all forms of brown nosing and I can easy turn it off unlike my childhood teachers.

"Mrs. Brooke, Can I please have a jelly bean."

"Um..I have told you Sarah, No, now stop asking me"

10 minutes later...

"Miss Brooke would you rather be pretty, cute, or beautiful?"

"Why beautiful of course"

"Miss Brooke, I think you are so beautiful! Miss Brooke, I think you are my favorite teacher, you are so nice. I love you so very much."

"Aw...Sarah you are so nice, thank you. I love you to."

" Miss Brooke, did I tell you I love your outfit You look so nice in it, you look very beautiful today. Oh Miss Brooke I just love yo so much, I just want to take you home with me."

" Alright Sarah what color jelly bean do you want?

Olivia's Brown nosing:

Now Olivia on the other hand, is very sweet, however she doesn't always show her affection to those she loves. Well Olivia is just one of those dolls who gives the most adorable kisses...however she very rarely give them out...

" Olivia, you haven't given me a kiss for such a long time."

" I know, Miss Brooke, I'm Sorry."

"Well aren't you going to give me a kiss?"

"Miss Brooke, you know what I like, I like animal crackers, just like you like kisses! Miss Brooke I will give you a kiss if you give me some animal crackers."

" Olivia, no, I can't do that."

" I will give you two, how bout 3, Miss Brooke, I will give 5 kisses and a hug if you give me just a couple animal crackers."

"All right Olivia come here real quick with me, and don't show any one what I put in your pocket, OK"

So, I have changed, the Brooke who used to completely abhor all forms of brown nosing has converted to a lover of the brown nosers...It truly is a talent or gift that I think I might take up.