Thursday, April 2, 2009

The art of brown-nosing

There are many arts that I would love to master, the art of playing the piano, the art of of keeping my mouth closed when it needs to remain closed, the art of speaking out when necessary, the art of origami, etc etc... However, there is one art that I have not mastered; one I hope I never do master....the art of brown nosing. One can not be mistaken about brown nosing, it truly is an art, and it truly is a talent that must be mastered. I have met many people who are truly amazing brown nosers, mainly fellow class mates. I always get annoyed and aggravated as they smile at the teacher and compliment them on their hair, outfit, etc.... I always thought to myself, "I will never fall to the devilish trap of the brown noser." However that was before I met the 2 king or should I say queen master brown nosers. Let me introduce you to Sarah and Olivia

Sarah's brown nosing:
Well, one must know Sarah to understand her unique personality. She had been begging me for a jelly bean all day, and when I say all day I mean all day. As a teacher I know the rule is you don't give jelly beans out unless a child is cleaning up extremely well, singing out, etc... A teacher can not just give jelly bean to a child when she feels like it, for you see if a teacher proceeds to give one child a jelly bean soon 15 children will come running over demanding likewise. So after begging and begging Sarah decided to use her mastery brown nosing skill instead. However what she did not realize was that I hate all forms of brown nosing and I can easy turn it off unlike my childhood teachers.

"Mrs. Brooke, Can I please have a jelly bean."

"Um..I have told you Sarah, No, now stop asking me"

10 minutes later...

"Miss Brooke would you rather be pretty, cute, or beautiful?"

"Why beautiful of course"

"Miss Brooke, I think you are so beautiful! Miss Brooke, I think you are my favorite teacher, you are so nice. I love you so very much."

"Aw...Sarah you are so nice, thank you. I love you to."

" Miss Brooke, did I tell you I love your outfit You look so nice in it, you look very beautiful today. Oh Miss Brooke I just love yo so much, I just want to take you home with me."

" Alright Sarah what color jelly bean do you want?

Olivia's Brown nosing:

Now Olivia on the other hand, is very sweet, however she doesn't always show her affection to those she loves. Well Olivia is just one of those dolls who gives the most adorable kisses...however she very rarely give them out...

" Olivia, you haven't given me a kiss for such a long time."

" I know, Miss Brooke, I'm Sorry."

"Well aren't you going to give me a kiss?"

"Miss Brooke, you know what I like, I like animal crackers, just like you like kisses! Miss Brooke I will give you a kiss if you give me some animal crackers."

" Olivia, no, I can't do that."

" I will give you two, how bout 3, Miss Brooke, I will give 5 kisses and a hug if you give me just a couple animal crackers."

"All right Olivia come here real quick with me, and don't show any one what I put in your pocket, OK"

So, I have changed, the Brooke who used to completely abhor all forms of brown nosing has converted to a lover of the brown nosers...It truly is a talent or gift that I think I might take up.

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  1. Not only are they good at brown nsing, they also have beautiful brown eyes to go with it! So cute, I can see how these little charmers wrap around your heart.