Saturday, April 18, 2009

Through different eyes

Although I hate to admit it, I know it's times I can be pessimistic. I am a melancholy; so I guess it's just part of my nature. Yes, at times I do see the cup half empty instead of half full. I have always heard that there is always two different ways to view everything that may come into my life. However, that has always been something difficult for me to realize. Yesterday at work through a very simple conversation with Faith, I realized that indeed there are two different ways to view everything, and I mean everything!
We were all playing outside on the playground, when four year old Faith called me over to the slide where she was starring intently at something.

"Miss Brookey, look at this."

"Oh great," I thought, as I looked down at the two obviously dead little ants on the slide. She had most likely squished the poor creatures as she had slid down the slide. I quickly thought of how exactly I would explain to her that unfortunately these little guys were dead.

"Do you see the pretty little bugs Miss Brookey?"

"Ya, I see them Faith." Then the dreaded question came...

"Why aren't they moving Miss Brookey?"

"Well, Faith, I think they might have...well...I think they might be dead..."

"Miss Brookey, you are so silly! They are not dead they are sleeping."

Once again I looked down at the two little bugs...I saw the one tiny little ant lift his little arm (or whatever you call it...antenna I guess.) He struggled a little bit and collapsed never again to rise.

" See, I told you Miss Brookey, the little buggy just moved...didn't you see him stretch and yawn, and now he went back to sleep. You are so goofy Miss Brookey, they are not dead, just so very sleepy."

"You are right, Faith...they certainly are sleeping, definitely not dead. I mean, the middle of the slide is the best place for a pretty little bug to take an afternoon nap."

So, yesterday little Faith taught me a little lesson. Life will be what I make of it. I will have hard times ahead of me, but I must have the mindset of little Faith....when creatures are lying on the middle of slide half- smashed in- they are definitely sleeping, cuddling real close to the slide for warmth. Never assume that they are dead.

" In the eyes of a child you will see... the world as it should be."


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  2. Being optimistic about "the right things" is definitely something we can all work on! I like your story.:)