Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh my Goodness!

Last night was definitely quite a night! You see, I had ran, well actually I drove, to the Hair Salon to get my hart cut. Mind you I am a very cautious and observant driver. Unlike one my sisters, I won't mention any names. But my older sister who has sneezed and almost hit the medium, or the time she really got into the story, that she just ran the red light. The time she got a charlie and almost went into the the oncoming traffic lane, etc.... I could go on and on... However, last night I was on my way home with my beautiful new do. I was coming to the stop light. I let off the gas so I could slowly ease to a gentle stop. I then lightly pressed on the gas petal. Oh,if there was one thing I could take back would be that dreaded moment when I pressed the gas ever so lightly. It all happened so fast, I really don't know exactly what happened! Before I knew it there were two police men standing at my window. Red and blue light flashing in my rear view mirror. And there I was starring ahead in a complete daze, wondering, "what in the world did I just do." The police then asked me a few questions:
Miss may I please have your drivers licence, car registration, and insurance card. I quickly pulled out my licence. I then began the search for the registration and insurance card. "Mr. Policeman, I have never gotten pulled over before, you see I usually don't run into people, so I can't find my registration, if you could please give a few minutes I assure I'll find it for you."

Then Mr. Policeman proceeded to ask me what happened whose fault was it. Which I replied, "Well Mr. Policeman, truthfully it is no one's fault. Well, actually it is my shoe's fault. You see as I was pushing on the gas, my shoe kinda got stuck. My shoe wouldn't let me take my foot off the gas petal. So if you are going to arrest someone, take them.
Mr. Policeman then informed me that actually it was my fault. My response was to simply cry, sob, and weep uncontrollably for a hour or two.

However through it all I learned a few things:

1. Never wear flip flops when driving.

2. Crying doesn't work on police men..they are cold hearted.

3. If you are going to get in an accident at least look good for it...get a haircut or something. You know everyone will stare at you when they drive by, so might as well look cute for it!


  1. Haha! That is a funny story, and I love the fact that you blamed your shoes:-)

  2. Well for being the worst driver between the two of us, I don't recall me ever getting into a car accident...I must be doing something right! :)

  3. Well, I am very glad that you didn't get hurt too bad! I'm sure you will look back someday and have a good laugh and a story to share. ;) By the way, I like your hair cut!

  4. Brooke!!! That was so funny..well, I'm sure it wasn't for you at the moment but when I was reading it I was laughing.. But yes, as Paul said..I am also glad you are ok and actually I can see that happening with your flip flop..that has happened to me before too..except I didn't run into anything ;) Besides all that... I can't wait to see your new haircut! Im sure its adorable! Liz B.

  5. Sorry, Brookie- but I still think it's funny:) Sorry I laughed in your face, but in my defense, I knew you were safe, or I would have heard about it. Also, as for Nicole's driving... I've had the blessed experience- ha ha JK Do good on your upcoming finals. Liz J.