Saturday, August 13, 2011

What the fair means to me

A couple of weeks ago my family and I were able to make it to our annual county fair.  I absolutely love the fair for several reasons: 

 I love the large variety of different food to chose between.

I love the foot long corn dogs!

The corn on the cob is absolutely divine!

 I love spending time with my sissy!

Have I mentioned all the delectable frozen treats...for example: chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered bananas!

Yes, I truly love the fair for many reasons...the FOOD being the main reason.  However, this year while walking around the fair my mind began to race back to the many fairs of years past.  My mind traveled farther and farther back until I finally remembered- my very first memory of the fair:
 I recall my older sister tugging on my father's arm.  

"Hey daddy can Brooke and I go in there..please daddy"

* Note: no one asked Brooke if she would like to go, it was just assumed that Brooke was going to accompany Nicole.

" Daddy, can Brooke and I please go in the House of Mirrors all by ourselves!"

* Note: Notice once again, no one asked Brooke if she wanted mommy or daddy to come along with her for her safety and well being.

Well, daddy being the good man that he is agreed of course that his two little girls could go on...alone.
We entered into the swirling tube. 
Nicole began to race ahead..."Hey Brooke look at this , it's a whole trail of mirrors.  Let's race to the end Brooke.  Come on!"

* Note: notice that Brooke is not asked if she would like to race, Brooke is practically forced to race through a house with images of herself reflecting all over, confusing her poor little mind.

 I stood there watching my sister and her reflection racing through the house of mirrors to the end.  I had to go on... I couldn't stay in this ridiculous house forever.  I took the first step, only to run smack dab into my own reflection.  I looked around only to see thousands of little mes!  I was absolutely horrified   Where was my sister?  Where was my family?  Why did I see my image all over.  I began to run about..every time colliding with my own image.  I became frantic calling and screaming for someone to help me.  Eventually, one of the creepy fair workers came to the screaming little girl and help her safely though the house of mirrors.  When my feet were safely out of the creepy little house, I quickly ran to my parents crying. Asking them why they had made me go through such a terrible house.  

* Note: I have never ever again gone through a house of mirrors
* Note: I will never again go through a house of mirrors
* Note: I will never force my child to go through a house of mirrors.

At this point and time of my life, I absolutely love the fair- that is the food.  However, there is still something in me that repulses when I walk by the House of Mirrors.  There is still something in me that stays completely clear of that the creepy little house.