Saturday, September 5, 2009

Health Care

This week I was able to attend a Health Care rally in Valpo. I am very thankful that I had this opportunity to attend such an important rally. I have to admit that at first I was very reluctant in attending. I had heard it being described as the "Freedom Marchers",we were going to march around the block where the Health Care supporters were going to be having their Health Care speech. I really didn't know what to expect, I had never attending anything quite like this before. However, after I arrived I was so glad that I was able to attend. It definitely stirred up the patriotism in me. Let me describe the events on the night. The rally began at 6:00 pm, when I arrived I was lost in a swarm of hundreds and hundreds of health care protesters. It was such an encouragement to see how many people were willing to give of their evening to stand up for what they think is right. Upon arriving I truly didn't think much of this health care plan; I knew I didn't agree with it for several different reasons. However, when I left, I had a totally knew perspective on this health care plan. I realized that this health care plan is a moral issue -an issue of right and wrong. As I stood on the sidewalk I listened to the crowds of protester break into song, "God Bless America." I listened to them chants, "USA, USA, USA," I watched as three young men who supported the passing of the health Care plan, dressed up as the devil ran down the sidewalks yelling. I listened as the supporters began to cuss and yell profanities from across the street. As I stood there I realized that indeed this Health Care plan was evil and vile, a plan that will destroy our great nation. I then looked up to see our beautiful flag, of red white and blue flutter across the sky. I thought of all the young men who had fought and given their lives so that we could stand on our opposite sides of the sidewalk, and voice our opinions on this controversial issues. Although I do believe that our country is going on the down hill spiral I have determined to do whatever I can to help save our country because I truly want God to bless America. God bless the USA!