Sunday, June 10, 2012

All that she ever wanted and more

I remember the very first time I met him. In fact, I remember the very first thought I thought about him.  
We met up in Chicago for a Photography Shoot.  Upon meeting him, he immediately offered my sisters and I a coffee on him. As we entered the coffee shop- he held the door.  I immediately made a mental check mark.  

Unbenoticed to this poor fellow he was definitely under my extreme interrogation.  For the rest of the day I scrutinized every step that he made.  However, in the process I made several observations about him.  I noticed how well he treated his sister.  I once again made a mental check mark.
Loves his family- will one day be a "family man"

The rest of the day my little mind was furiously at work. Did anyone else see it? I mean, was I the only one who saw that this young man and my big sister went absolutely perfectly together.  I remember scheming to get them in a picture together.  I knew she would thank me one day.

Eventually, that young man, Jack, and Nicole started dating.  Luckily I was able to tag along on a few of their outings.  I remember one of their very first dates: Bowling!

Once again, I simply sat back and observed. On the way home, Nicole seemed to have a gleam about her; I actually think she was glowing!  We drove home in silence.  Nicole no doubt gloating over the fact that she had just had one of the most amazing days ever.  However, I on the other hand began to go back in my mind to a several  years before.  I thought back to the times when my sisters and I would all come together in one room and have our slumber parties together.  Somehow the topic of "boys" always came up.  We would all share and discuss the kind of man we wanted to marry.
As I went through her list mentally in mind I once again began to make mental check marks.
I smiled to myself- He is a perfect description of her list

A short time later Nicole and I traveled to Jack's place for a game night. I once again had a great time playing games and getting to know some of Jack's siblings.  However, I enjoyed quietly sitting back and watching Jack and my sister.  

Something about Jack brought the kid out in my sister.  I noticed He could make her laugh like no one else.  I noticed how he would simply look at her and smile to himself, as if he were saying- "lucky, lucky me"

On the way home Nicole and I chattered, she simply could not stop speaking about him. He had the ability to make my sister the happiest woman in the world.  And that's when I determined- I completely and entirely approved of this young man in my sister's life.

A few weeks ago, Jack popped over at our house and surprised Nicole.  He then took her to the dunes for a picnic.

There at Lake Michigan he asked my sister to be his wife.

You know, in my mind I had a plan of exactly how I wanted to react when I heard my sister got engaged.  In my mind I wanted to jump up scream and hug her.  However, when she walked into the door and screamed, "I'm engaged!" A lump came in my throat.  Instead of jumping up and screaming like I had every intention of doing, I simply sat there and starred.
And then I realized that Jack was truly all my sister ever wanted and so, so much more.

Congratulation Jack and Nicole!
I love you both with all my heart

Saturday, June 2, 2012

College Graduation 2012 in Pictures

Graduation Rehearsal:
Preparing for the Big Day

The Big Night

Open House
The Day after my Graduation 

Grandma and Grandpa

Aunt Carolyn