Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Vacation

I'm back, and with a lot of awesome pictures might I add. Tybee Island was all I anticipated and so much more. This will definitely be a trip that will forever be looked back upon with fondest of memories. It was absolutely perfect in every way.

We rented this lovely cottage. It was so perfect for our family.

Then, the beach of course. The view was absolutely breathtaking! We spent a lot of our time here. Salt water was something new for me. I kept finding myself choking on the foul taste that would be on my lips. However, getting used to the water didn't take me too long. I found myself not wanting to leave the water... We had so much fun. I have to admit before I left for this trip I found myself fretting and worrying about SHARKS. Yes, I am absolutely terrified of sharks. I could just imagine myself swimming then..Da dum Da dum Da dum Da dum...he would grab my leg and pull me under. Or perhaps he would take a bite into my side and then just leave me to suffer. Of course I wouldn't have the strength to cry out loudly for help. My dad wouldn't hear me struggle because his ears would be to clogged up with salt water, my mom's eyes would be closed off course as she was soaking up the every last ray of the sun, Nicole would be too infatuated with her next Charles Martin book to come to my aid, and Lauren... well she would think I was waving to her and simply wave back. However once I got well acquainted with the sea I realized that sharks were the least of my worries...

Instead I became well acquainted with the jelly fish. I got stung at three different times. I don't know what it was but I think the jelly fish liked me...a lot! I got stung twice on my ankle. Then came the third time- I got stung several times all around my leg. Yes, sharks really were the least of my worries...

My family was able to take a boat ride to Little Tybee. Along the way we were greeted by many dolphins. The ride to Little Tybee was beautiful!

But Little Tybee was Amazing!

And guess what my sisters and I found... Sand dollars!! Six of them to be exact. However, only four of them are with us today :( Nicole's flip flop killed one, and the long and dangerous voyage back to Indiana took the life of another. :( Nevertheless, I am so glad to have a sand dollar of my very own!

With much regret I have to say we have zero pictures of the boat ride back home. MAlign Centery sister decided, with the best interest of her camera in mind, not to take pictures on the journey to shore. We were greeted with ...what do I call it...storm doesn't quite give you the picture I want you to imagine. We arrived back on shore wet to say the least.

I could not fully describe our trip to you without mentioning the food. You see we are Northern City Girls. I like shrimp- well...that is popcorn shrimp. Did you know shrimp have legs???

You see this fake smile Nicole is giving you. Ya, she honestly didn't enjoy that shrimp she is pretending to eat. My mom, Nicole, and I all agreed that shrimp should definitely be de-legged and de-veined and preferable breaded before it is acceptable to be eaten.
So, this guy along with my little sister ate all our food, which was fine with us.
From then on at all those Seafood Restaurants my mom Nicole and I ordered food kinda like this:
Parasailing was definitely one of the biggest highlights of the vacation for most of us... (my mom opted out of this one. I don't know why but I think the thought of being on the other side of flying a kite must of scared her... She must of had a bad experiencing flying a kite as a child.)
Getting ready
Align Center
Lauren and Dad
Big Smiles
Another highlight of the trip enjoyed by all, was cruising around Hilton Head and Savannah.

Tybee Island- a vacation that I will never forget, whether it be the jellyfish, great food ;), storms, or parasailing. However, what I think I will will remember more than the pain of a jelly fish sting is the love of my family

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Big Let Down

August 10, 2010 has been the date that I have been looking forward to with much anticipation all summer long came. However, this day, rather than providing me much joy and fulfillment, left me feeling sad and useless.
You may find this rather strange but think what you may. I have always had a desire to donate blood. Strange, I know. This summer I decided this would be the year that I would fulfill my long awaited desire. My dad reluctantly decided to go with me. We set the date- we would go right after work on the 10th of August.
Seriously, I have been looking forward to this day all summer long. I know what you are all thinking...I need I hobby...But let me finish here. I am so interested in blood. I remember when I had to get blood taken when I had mono- I was so enthralled with watching the blood leave my body. (Am I completely altering the opinion you had of me?- I am a little weird- I know) And I have always desired to give blood-just think one little pint could possibly save someone's life.
Today: August 10, 2010: I have been talking about donating blood all day today. I told all my coworkers, the children, and even my boss. I was so excited. After work my dad came and we drove in together. The red cross gave me a pin and sticker that said I was a blood doner. It was even better than I had imagined. I proudly place the pin upon my shirt. My dad was then called in the back- where he donated blood for the first time in his life. Then my name was called. So many different emotions came over me both fear and excitement. I proudly walked to the back room. I sat in the chair. I gave the nurse my licence and some personal information. She then asked for my finger. She proceeded to poke my middle finger. Then she spoke, "Oh sweetie you can't donate blood" I was awe struck- what? I thought they would be so very grateful for my blood- now they were rejecting me? She proceeded to ask me if I wanted to get retested. Well of course I did, perhaps she didn't realize that this was the day I have been looking forward to all summer long. Another nurse came over to me- and once again I was pricked in the finger.
The big let down: "Honey- you don't have enough red blood cells we can't take your blood." I was crushed. What exactly does that mean I asked. She explained to me that I was anemic and she continued to say that my blood was worthless, good for nothing, and they wouldn't take it if it was the last pint of blood on earth- ok- maybe not all that... But let me tell you that was truly the biggest let down ever...

Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Talent Unveiled

So...I have found a new talent, well I'm not sure if it really can be called a talent. However, it is something that I found that I really like doing, and actually, I am pretty good at it...well at least I think I am...

Tie Dying

At the beginning of July my boss informed me that I would be in charge of tie dying this summer. I didn't know what to think. I had never tie dyed in my entire life. But nevertheless, for the entire month of July I tie dyed at work. Regretfully, I didn't keep track of how many shirts, skirts, leggings, dresses, sweatshirts, and pairs of socks I did. However, I think I could estimate that I did about 100 different things. The children had so much fun choosing the different colors and watching the colors blend together. The children were able to see how no shirt was ever the same. It was a lot of fun. However, the children were not the only ones who had fun, a lot of mothers actually got involved this year as well. I ended up doing many shirts for the moms who are kids at heart. And of course, all the teachers had to have a few things tie dyed, I mean we couldn't let the children be the only ones wearing crazy attire.

This picture is going to appear in our local newspaper Tuesday:
Best Friends

Me and my little boy
Here we are styling in our tie dye