Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Talent Unveiled

So...I have found a new talent, well I'm not sure if it really can be called a talent. However, it is something that I found that I really like doing, and actually, I am pretty good at it...well at least I think I am...

Tie Dying

At the beginning of July my boss informed me that I would be in charge of tie dying this summer. I didn't know what to think. I had never tie dyed in my entire life. But nevertheless, for the entire month of July I tie dyed at work. Regretfully, I didn't keep track of how many shirts, skirts, leggings, dresses, sweatshirts, and pairs of socks I did. However, I think I could estimate that I did about 100 different things. The children had so much fun choosing the different colors and watching the colors blend together. The children were able to see how no shirt was ever the same. It was a lot of fun. However, the children were not the only ones who had fun, a lot of mothers actually got involved this year as well. I ended up doing many shirts for the moms who are kids at heart. And of course, all the teachers had to have a few things tie dyed, I mean we couldn't let the children be the only ones wearing crazy attire.

This picture is going to appear in our local newspaper Tuesday:
Best Friends

Me and my little boy
Here we are styling in our tie dye


  1. I expect to see you both in those shirts this Sunday morning!

  2. I love tie dying. It's so much fun...and messy! Don't you just love the red colored hands after a hard day at work:)