Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Timothy Paul and Stephanie. These are a names familiar in the ears of all who know me well. For those of you who don’t know my little Timmy, and Stephanie let me briefly explain. I have known Tim and Stephanie for about a year and half now. Through a series of events I became acquainted with Stephanie, and became little Timmy’s official babysitter. I love watching Timothy. He is full of energy, and he is simply a good little boy. It was simply an extra enjoyable job until August of 2008. I got a call from Stephanie-” Brooke I have cancer.” My role in their small family, changed, I was now more than a babysitter, but a friend. Through her sickness I was able to talk to her more openly about God and His son Jesus Christ. However, now Stephanie is cancer free. She no longer wants to hear me speak about my God and my religion.
Well Saturday I was able to babysit Timmy. He is growing up so fast, which reminds me of the little time I have left with him. Soon he will be to0 big for babysitters. This summer especially I am determined to be the best possible witness I can be. I want to see Tim come to church with me a lot this summer. Please pray with me, Steph and Tim really mean a lot to me.

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