Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I cannot believe it...Easter aka Resurrection Sunday is here already. I love Easter! I love to watch the Easter program at my church. The program is not preformed by great actors. No, it is not preformed by people even taking speech or drama classes. The program is simply preformed by 3rd through 6th grade kids that my church picks up on the buses. No, the program didn't go perfectly. Yes, there were some mess up. Yes, there were some kids in the choir loft dancing with "Jesus Loves Me" ,and yes a kid did mess up on his line. Yet, I think I would rather attend this play more than any play on Broadway. You see, these kids are special. I love when I catch the eye of one of "my kids" up there. They stop singing and start waving their arms, "Miss Brooke" ( or Mrs. Brooks as most of them call me) "Hi! "Look at me, Mrs. Brooks!" I just love watching all those kids some from Gary, Portage, Black Oak, Chesterton etc... I don't know what will come of those kids. But I like to think that may be one or two of those kids will give there life completely over to the Lord, and make a difference in this world. I like to think that maybe one it would be one of"my kids." Maybe because I prayed for them. Maybe because I made a difference in their life. Who knows?

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