Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lunch Break

So...I thought I would do something a little different- I have posted several pictures and written many posts all about my job. Have I mentioned how very much I love my job? Yes- I absolutely love my kiddos. But today I thought I'd talk about my lunch break- yes that one hour of freedom away from my children. That one hour that flies by so quickly. The hour in which I do not have to hear the word, Miss Brookey, spoken one time- well...unless my sister, Nicole, accidentally calls me that out of habit. Ah...the lunch break...
Today my lunch break was exceptionally wonderful. First Nicole and I got to take our break together, which is always a plus. Then, we went to Dairy Queen, another plus. Side note: I really really like DQ. Let me give you a brief Dairy Queen commercial- did you know you can get a drink or arctic rush, a small treat, a fries, and a hot dog, hamburger, or chicken strips all for the grand total of $3.59- It's that great! Well- there is a catch-it's not that good. You do have to suffer the humiliation of saying- "I'll take the kid's meal" Ya- I do get kind of embarrassed as I say those words, however I have found if I say those words then turn to my sister and start talking about a kid in the car- it works a lot better....
Well anyway, Nicole and I then took our meal to the Dunes. It was such a beautiful day and we really enjoyed our food....oh ya, and our time together Seriously, I had a great time with my sister and it really was the best part of the day. Well, then again lunch is always the best part of the day isn't it?
Just a few pictures from our lunch break:

Me and my favorite Co-worker
Bye- now it's off to work we go...


  1. Had a wonderful time eating...I mean being with you too! ;) And by the way I am pretty sure you are one of the few people who can eat ALL that stuff from DQ! Love ya!

  2. Very cute! You two are adorable:) I love DQ too!

  3. Sisters are the best...and it is a blessing to live together although it probably won't be forever! Cherish it! Sharon and I fought so much as children, and now she is my best friend outside of my husband! I always miss her for little trips out or crazy, spur-of-the-moment ideas! And Lindsey...oh how I miss her! Maybe I'll copy you and write a post on sisters!