Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Changing...

Well, today I officially finished my second year of college. As I handed my teacher my last final of the year, my mind began to race through my entire Sophomore year. So much happened... I then thought of how I had changed. I have changed so much this past year... I thought back to when I finished high school I was so excited and determined to succeed in college. I was ready to plunge ahead into a Science degree. Then, I found out that Science majors must minor in Math. With a broken heart I decided not to major in Science simply because I loath Math. I then seriously prayed about Elementary education. Working at a day Care, I had realized I had a soft spot for small children, and I thought maybe Elementary Education might be a good future for me. However, I just did not have peace about Elementary Education. I knew I wanted to minor in Speech, but then what about my major? ( I know I'm weird most people would chose the major first...) I reluctantly and last minute decided on History. I have never been a History person, it simply bored me. I was a Science girl through and through. But something happened this year. I think it is that History teacher of mine....He's changing me... I find myself waking up every morning looking forward to listening to: Don Wade and Roma

I find myself looking forward to cleaning the Day Care at night just so I can crank up News Radio 890 and listen to Sean Hannity
But what I look forward to the those wonderful hour between 12:00- 4:00 when my hero, might I add I am seriously considering naming my first born Rush....that prideful, cocky, brash Rush Limbaugh comes on over the air! I just love to hear him!

See, I tell you I have changed...One year ago, I would have never spent a moment of my time listening to News Radio. But now I listen intently so I can intelligently discuss Current events with my teacher.

My History teacher has changed me I tell you! I have also grown to love and appreciate this American more than any other:
What a great President he was.

My History teacher has changed me so much. As I was looking through my day planner, I had to scratch my head and ask myself, what is happening to me...I'm changing. I looked at the list of books I want to read this summer, I found a list of history books, books my History teacher has endorsed. What's wrong with me? This isn't the Brooke I knew a year ago, wanting to read History books????
I then have found myself anxiously telling my parents, sisters, girls at work, and you how excited I am about next year History classes. I get to take Economics, 20th Century, Government- Boy, I can't wait till History Class!


  1. Wow!! You are changing! I remember you couldn't stand Government class in highschool! I love history to and it was definitely at the top of my list besides El. Ed.