Monday, July 6, 2009

Is it really worth it?

No doubt that at one point or time in your life you have been told or perhaps have even said, "It hurts to be beautiful." Now, all my life I have believed, that yes, some times it was worth a little bit of pain and discomfort in order for those moments of beauty. However, after Monday, I have definitely changed my mind. I mean is it really worth it? Monday morning Deb came over to practice on my hair for the wedding. After 2 hours, she threw up her hands and gave up. We decided that before I went to bed that night, I would put my hair up in sponge rollers and sleep with them. The next day, hopefully my thick head of stubborn hair would cooperate. That night, my mom put in the sponge rollers. As I sat there, my mind raced to my childhood. Those awful days when my mom would attempt to brush my hair. All the while I would be screaming, as she viciously tried to get the knots out of my hair. I sat there as still as I could. I thought I sat pretty well under the know my mother was not very gentle on my tender head. After an hour the rollers were in, the scarf was tied around my head and I was off to bed... That night was definitely not one of sweet dreams. I tossed and turned all night... I mean you try sleeping with tons of rollers in your head... Well, early the next morning ,Deb came over once again. However this time, 40 minutes later Deb was able to leave with a job well done. I have to admit she did a great job. I was able to flaunt a beautiful hair style for 10 hours. But was it really worth it? I mean a whole 10 hours of beauty... I gave up a whole night of sleep. It also cost me a screaming head try havi ng50 bobby pins in your head ALL day, it hurts believe me.
Well, just to prove to you that it really is not worth it, just look at this picture here below....

After all that, when it was all said and done, when the bobby pins were removed...I certainly did not look too beautiful...


  1. It was definitely worth it! You looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding! You are just absoulutely stun ning! - Paul ;)

  2. Sponge rollers--now that's a blast from the past. I remember using those years ago in my hair when I was in Jr High. I agree, those rollers did inflict a fair amount of pain while trying to sleep.
    But, you have to admit, Brooke, you looked very beautiful with your hair all up. Of course, you look beautiful no matter what!
    I sure miss all you guys!
    Love, Aunt Carolyn