Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 4th Grade Sunday School Teacher

My 4th grade Sunday school teacher was an amazing woman. I will never forget the many contests she had. If I could go for 3 months saying my verse every week and bringing my Bible etc..I would get a book. I still have several books from her. She helped me learn the importance of memorizing the Bible and hiding God's Word in my heart. She taught me that God's Word is the most important book in the whole world, but she also encouraged me to read..GOOD books about GOOD christian people. I will never forget some of her simple Bible stories she taught. I remember her teaching about Jacob and Esau. The story of when Esau's birthright was sold for a bowl of "stew." She then brought a pot of stew, and we all got to eat it. I thought that was awesome! On another occasion she brought breakfast for the entire class. She definitely won my heart through the food! But as I look back over all my Sunday School teachers, my 4th grade teacher was definitely the most influential. She was not deep, she was a very simple teacher. But she definitely got her point across to me. God's Word is the most important book! Tomorrow I will attend the funeral of my most beloved Sunday school teacher. A woman who truly loved her class of 3o girls. A woman who gave her whole heart to her students. A woman who now with Jesus...looking down from heaven cheering me on.

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