Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm praying for you

Have you ever come to a time, when you feel completely at loss of words? You want to say something, but what should you say? I have helped on a bus route for about 4 years now. I love my bus route. I have learned so much from working with the kids that come into church. Well, one family in particular, has captured my attention. The oldest boy's name is Robert. He is about 13 or so. He is a riot. He is a good boy, he liked to help lead the singing etc...on the bus. You see, he was just too old to sit with the rest of the kids, he was a helper not a "bus kid." The second child is Nyah. She is about 10. She has always been one of my favorites. She is really sweet and funny. The youngest, is Marley. Who is 8. Well, several weeks ago, these children's father shot himself in the head, right in front of young Marley. I'm sure you can only imagine the problems these kids are now going through. I still have not seen Robert at all, so I do not know how he is handling it all. But when Nyah and Marley began riding the bus again, I have to admit, I was kinda nervous. Should I act the same to them- should I continue to be the funny and cheerful Miss Brookey they have known me as, should I tell them I am praying for them. should I asked them how they are really doing? I decided to just be the same. It was the easiest thing to do. Well, just the other day, Nyah came running up to me all excited. Miss Brooke! Miss Brooke! Guess what! I am going to choose one person ,and start really praying for them. "Oh you ,who are you going to pray for Nyah?" Well, Miss Brooke...I'm praying for you! I was taken back. After all this girl had gone through... she was praying for me? Tears weld in my eyes. "Well Nyah, I am certainly praying for you too!" I learned an important lesson, from a child who rides my bus to church. A child who has only been saved for a few short months. A child who was a real encouragement to me. If I am ever at loss of words, just simply say "I'm praying for you." It means more than I can ever imagine. Those four words, bring such comfort. Next time, I am at a loss of words, perhaps someone is going through something hard, the best thing to say is , "I'm praying for you"

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  1. What a special lesson from little girl! God bless you for the ministry you have on the bus route,
    Aunt Carolyn