Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bowling Blast!

March 24th was a day that 4 happy dating couples have been looking forward to with much anticipation. At 6:00pm the 4 some: Alex and Shantel, Julian and Liz, Paul and I , and Tyler and Mary piled into a van and headed to Inmans.

We had a great time. We played girls against the guys. It was actually pretty close, but I am sure that was just because the girls had bumpers and the guys didn't. But, hey, nothing is wrong with helps build my ego. You know, I never got one gutter!

However, the guys did still beat, Liz, Shantel, Mary, and I. From the looks of this picture, I think they were pretty impressed with themselves too.

After bowling two games, we went to Culvers to eat. Sorry Paul, but I have just got to share with everyone what you did....yes, Paul Hoover dropped an ice cream cone right in my lap; I had ice cream all over my skirt. He felt awful when I showed him what a big spot he had made on my nice clean jean skirt. However, what Paul didn't realize was that just 2 minutes before, while he was getting a drink, I had already spilt ice cream all over my skirt. I quickly tried to clean it up, but it just wouldn't come out of my skirt. "Oh man" I thought. "This is so noticeable what am I going to do? Paul is certainly going to notice this right away." But, low and behold, Paul came and spilt ice cream on my lap. Truthfully I was kinda glad he did, now I had someone else to blame it on. He wouldn't even know about my clumsy moment.... So thank you Paul for spilling on me. :)

After, eating, Mr. Armacost took us over to his house. We played Taboo. Once again the girls against the guys. However, this time, no matter how hard the guys tired, no matter how much the guys cheated- the girls won. Girls are naturally better at games that involve talking... At 11:00 we said our goodbyes, and four couples went home happier than they arrived.

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  1. Hey girl, I can't believe you would lead me into believing that I was the one who got all that ice cream all over you! On top of that, you told the whole world before you told me! That's ok. I'll forgive you, because you're cute ;) - Paul