Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just one of those days

Well..today was definitely just one of those days...those days where I sit back and wonder whether it would have been best if I would have just stayed in my bed. I started off the day in Biological Issues..one of my favorite classes this year. I sat between my best friend and Paul....a perfect scenario...what could possibly go wrong. Then, low and behold, I look down and see it... Yes, indeed, I had one brown clog on and one brown high heeled shoe on. I was in shock...Earlier that morning I had tried both shoes on to see which looked better with my outfit, and apparently I forgot to come to a descion of which I liked better...so I wore one of each. Christina, Paul, and I could not help but crack up laughing. After school, I went straight to work, what could go wrong here? I have the ideal job. However, while at work, I managed to get tackled by Grace, loose by balance and fall on my knees, get stepped on my Even, and get dis-invited to um...maybe 5 birthday parties. Then some how in the midst of the day, I must have breathed on Sarah. (my bad) "Miss Brooke, you just breathed on me....Stop breathing" I went on to explain that if people stop breathing they will die. " Miss Brooke, I think I know that... now stop breathing would ya!" So yes, today was definitely just one of those days.

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