Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Day at the Fair

It all began Friday...when Christina and I decided to go to the fair after we got off work. When we arrived we looked around for a while, then we decided to do something crazy...we were going to get wrist bands. We both agreed that we absolutely LOVED fair rides. We both recalled our childhood days in which we would ride the fair rides over and over again. However, I really do not understand what happened between my childhood fun at the fair and now. For some reason..when I rode those rides my body felt a little bit different, to say the least, then it did when I was younger.

On the very first ride Christina and I both got sick to our stomachs. As we staggered off the insane ride, we shook our heads in unbelief wondering, "why in the world did we just spend $22 on this bracelet." Although we felt sick we decided we must proceed on...after all we had spent $22, and we weren't going to waste it. One of the next rides we went on was the Inverter. Not only did this ride hurt by back, leg, and stomach, but at the top of the ride Christina's cell phone slipped out of her purse and went crashing to the ground. So needless to say on that ride we lost an appetite and a cell phone. As we walked off the Inverter Christina and I once again shook our heads and wondered, "why in the world did we spend $22 ...what a waste...look what it had gotten us so far."

Finally we learned our lesson, we were done with those crazy rides, we would ride something much more calming, something we knew we would not get sick on...The Swings. However, for some reason even the slow circling motion of the swings made me a bit woozy.

Then I saw it....

I saw what all the wise people in this world were doing..watching the crazy, foolish Christina and I, ride the rides. I watched as they smiled and ate their corn dogs, elephant ears, funnel cakes, carmel apples, etc... They smiled as if to say, "I would love to see you try to eat this now. You are so dumb, I can't believe you spent $22 on that little yellow bracelet."
However if I had to do all over again know I think I would spend that $22 all over again. You see I had a great time with my best friend, and made precious memories to last a lifetime. Now that is worth $22!


  1. woo hoo! I get to be the first to comment! Well, I just want to say, "The Wisconsin State Fair is better!" ;)

  2. Yep!! Besides the back injuries...crushed rib cages...and broken cell phone,it was definitely worth it just for the memories. BUT next time we will just watch:) LOL