Sunday, August 30, 2009

You reap what you sow...

Have you ever felt like you are completely wasting your time? Have you ever felt like giving up, after all nothing was coming of all your efforts? Do ever feel like the biblical principle of "you reap what you sow" applies to everyone but you? Well this summer I kinda felt that way. Every Saturday afternoon after I visited the people in the Nursing Home, I would go canvassing just for an hour or so, to find more kids for the bus route. Well I had been doing this all summer. Just last week I began thinking that this hour was a waste of time. You know I could be doing something much more profitable with my time. Something better than walking down the street trying to ask people to let their kids ride the Sunday school bus. After all, all summer I had seen zero results. However, I had gotten the door slammed in my face, I had gotten called a few names, but I had not one person even the slightest bit interested. But then yesterday happened...It was the last street on the block, the last house of the summer...I knocked on the door, no answer. I then looked up into the upstairs window where I saw two little faces pressed against the screen. I spoke to them briefly and asked them if their mother was home. They replied that she was, however, she didn't want to come to the door. I decided to leave a flier in the door and head on home. My partner and I began to walk away, when the door opened. She explained that she was int he middle of doing the dishes etc...she hadn't meant to make us wait. I very simply invited her and her children to come to church, explaining how we have a Sunday school bus that comes through the area and picks up children and brings them to church. What she said next completely shocked me.

"Ok, so you'll be here at 9:00, we'll all be waiting for you. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow"

I could not believe my ears. As I walked away, I thought to myself what better thing could I have possibly done with my time.
Have you ever felt so happy you didn't know what to do? Have you ever felt so full of joy that you feel you might burst if you don't give a little shout? Well that is how I felt today when I watched two little girls get on the bus...all because I gave one hour of my time...

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