Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day of my life

Today I would like to take you on a little trip with me, destination: Wee Care. The job of a preschool teacher is a job unlike all else. At approximately 8:58 when I walk into a room full of anxious kids being told to clean up because it is almost time for morning snack. As I walk to the teacher closet, I will be stopped by Megan who will give a hug. Then no doubt Madeline will come running over to me, hit me, laugh, and run away. I will hear many shouts of young children to welcome me back to work. I will then feel many small arms wrap around my legs to greet me. I try to shoo them off, reminding them that are to be cleaning up for snack. But I can't help but smile to myself, as I hear Miss Kathy telling the kiddos to leave Miss Brooke alone and to please wash up for snack. Then three year old little Logan will cautiously approach me. He will gently stroke me, "Miss Brookey Brooke, you look beautiful!" To which I reply with a giant bear hug. Now tell me how many of you get greeted with hugs and kisses when you go to work?
You see my job truly is like none else.
Now I would like to give a few examples of things that will occur during the day:
First of all, I would like you to meet our little twins, Bella and Mena. At one point or another during the day, one of the twins will hit another child. However, the hard part is to identify which child it was- now did Bella hit Maddi or did Mena hit Maddi?
If you ask Mena if she hit Maddi she will tell you that she saw Bella hit her. However if you ask Bella if she hit Maddi, she will explain to you that she saw Mena hit Maddi. Then I am in a serious dilemma. You never realized that the job of a preschool teacher also included some detective work on the side, now did you?Then through out the day, I will be disinvited from several birthday parties, including Sarah's. You see I will no doubt put a stubborn child in a time away, in which they will reply with a smart remark that I am no longer invited to their 4th birthday party. In fact they aren't even going to buy me a Christmas present now.With Grace in the classroom you can't help but have a little drama throughout the day. She just might take the chalk and color her entire face blue. Or perhaps she will introduce you to her fairy friends. And you never know you might even be lucky enough to get one of her
"Italian kisses!" Then there is Logan. He has this little problem- you see he hits other kids. Logan, himself, doesn't even know exactly why he hits, he simply finds it entertaining. If you carefully observe you will find him hitting other children and then laughing uncontrollably. However, he is also the most loving child at the day care.

However, the most dangerous thing that can possible happen at preschool, is a simple game: Hide and Go Seek. Through my 15 months of "service" I have learned how terrible those words really are. I have learned to never, never, never, agree to play that awful game. Kids are all to good at that game....

Now at the end of the day, as every child's parents come, they all give me a hug good how many you have such great job like mine? The job of a preschool teacher can be very stressfull at times, but all in all it is a very rewarding job that I would not trade for anything!

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