Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Lauren

  Today my little sister turned 18 years old.  
I love to simply think back and reminisce over the past 18 years of our lives together.  I love to think of all the fun we had together as children.  How we would awake early in the morning to simply play with our Barbie's.  How we would lie awake late into the night talking about anything and everything, laughing until we finally dozed off.  
This past year Lauren has grown and changed a lot.  She is no longer that girl that I used to play doll house, paper dolls, and Polly pockets with.  It seems like my little sister suddenly grew up in a year.  Now as she stands before me today, I see a beautiful young woman.  A woman that I know God will one day be able to use in a mighty way.
Lauren, I love you so much!
Happy 18th Birthday

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