Friday, May 20, 2011

College Fun...

Wednesday I took my last final as a junior!  I cannot believe I am officially done with my junior year of college.  Only one more year to go!
My last few weeks of college were filled with many projects, speeches, tests and finals, but also a lot of fun.  
Several of the college boys attempted to play flag football.  It was interesting to say the least.

Then the college was able to take a trip to the Creation Museum.  I had tons of fun, and I also learned a lot.
 We enjoyed the Imax Experience
 We also enjoyed the many fascinating exhibits. 
 Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
 Adam and Eve making a sacrifice because of their sin
 The Noah and the ark exhibit was also very educational.

 The Tower of Babel 

 Outside of the museum they had a petting zoo with many strange animals.  However, I prefer to look rather than pet.
 On this trip I learned so much.   I feel that I am now more confident in my belief of creation.  When my beliefs in the beginning of the world are questioned, I feel like I can better combat the evolutionists.  I know that in the beginning God created the earth!

 I also learned that being on the bus for 5 hours can make one do pretty strange things:
 For the last couple hours on the bus we played the game of mafia over and over again.  I learned that my friends are extremely good liars at times..kinda scary, how good actually...
 Derek trying to convince that he is not in the mafia, he is the Nurse!

It was a great activity to end the school year with!


  1. Wow, can you believe you are almost done?! This next year is going to go by in the blink of an eye! Congrats on finishing your Junior year!

  2. Looks like this was an incredible activity!! I can see that it was VERY fun!! :) Enjoy and cherish everyone of these times because soon it will be all over and these are going to be special times you will always remember! I can't believe my little Brookie is a senior! :)