Thursday, May 5, 2011

Four women and a cat

Before I begin this week's memory let me introduce you to my cat, Midas.  You must understand that Midas is very much a part of our family.  
It was two years ago, my father was away on business leaving my mom, sisters, cat, and I  home alone.  We were all heading off to bed.  Nicole, Lauren, and my mom were in bed.  I went into my parent's room to say good night to my mother.  Midas followed me into the room, jumped onto the bed, and then into the window. 




The screen popped out, and down he fell..two stories into the thorn bushes below.
I immediately began to cry and scream, which aroused my sisters out of their beds.  We all ran to the back porch, slid open the sliding doors, and ran outside.  There we all were running around outside at  11:00 at night.  As I thought back upon this event I distinctly saw all our unique personalities come forth.  Let me explain:
Mom: Brooke, you just need to accept it...that is a far far fall.  Midas is dead.  Brooke stop crying and just accept it.  You need to prepare yourself he is dead.  And if the fall didn't kill him then he will stumble into the road and get run over.

Brooke: Well, all I did was cry and cry and cry.

Lauren: ran around and around and around and around the house, 
Midas, Midas, come here boy!

Nicole: All right guys, cam down.  Mom, stop saying he is dead. Cats always land on their feet therefore Midas is not dead.  He is probably just scared and ran off.  Brooke stop crying calm down and call for him.  He will come eventually.

Eventually Midas rounded the corner, shaking and trembling in fear.  I swooped him up in my arms held him tight.  I carried him up the stairs, put him in bed with me, and then silently thanked God for protecting my little man.
Mom entered into the house peeked into the room, and told me that Midas may have hurt some of his organs on the inside, he may have internal bleeding.  He still may not make it.
Lauren, well I think she ran a couple more laps around the house.  She then came in, gave Midas a cheerful rub.  She hopped into bed and fell sound asleep.
Nicole, she went straight to bed, without acknowledging Midas.  All the while muttering that don't we know cats land on their feet.  He will be okay.

Two years later, Midas is still alive and well.  That night was truly one of the scariest nights of my life. Yet, every time I think of it, I cant help but smile.  



  1. Brooke, you had me in tears and laughing (literally) out loud!!! :) I remember when you all told us that story the first time!! I just love you guys! WOW!

  2. I loved reading this memory, Brooke! It was so funny :)

  3. You captured each of our personalities very well. :) Don't you love being a part of this family, sure makes for an exciting daily life! :)

  4. That is too funny! I love your mom--"just accept it-he is dead"--:) I am laughing...