Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friend of Photographers

This past Saturday, my sisters and I took a train to the beautiful city of Chicago.  Chicago is a great town for shopping, sight seeing, and eating.  However, the purpose of this trip was something entirely different.  In fact I would have never made that trip to Chicago if I was not friends with photographers.     
Last Saturday, a couple of photographers met up to have a photography workshop.  I was invited along for the sole purpose of carrying my sister's many belongings and to be the subject of young and eager photographers. 
   Lucky me to be the friend of photographers: 
                      Nicole                            Jack

I had a lot of fun watching the photographers.  It really was quite interesting to watch how involved one can actually get in  taking a simple picture.   Jack practically did the splits each time he shot a photo.  And I noticed for the first time that when Nicole takes her photos her left eye winks each time she pushes the button.  Photographers really are interesting people.
 Lauren and I enjoyed posing

 Jack's little sister Emily also came along for the fun
Alyssa's little sister, Alexis came along as well.
 After a couple of hours of taking photos, we headed to the Grand Lux for lunch.  This was my delicious meal of Chicken Parmesan.

After lunch we headed to the John Hancock building.  The photographers were able to get several excellent photos at the top.  I was content to get a good picture on my cell phone for a new background.

 We continued to spend the rest of the day taking more pictures, editing, and laughing.  I had a great time in Chicago with my sisters and new friends.  On the way back home, I sat contently, happy to   finally let my cheeks rest from smiling so much.  I then let out a sigh and thought I am a lucky girl to be friends with photographers. 

PS: none of the above photos were actually taken by me :) 


  1. Nice post! I am glad you weren't bored out of your mind, even at the expense of entertaining you with our photography stances, and winks. :o)

    Thanks for helping out and coming along!

  2. I am glad you are my friend too...;) And I also am so happy you decided to come along, after all who else would have noticed I wink every time I push the shutter, lol! :)

  3. Girl, you are so cute as a model!! They were lucky to have you pose for them!! :) haha, but seriously, it looks like it was a great day! Glad you all had fun!