Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where have I been

So,  haven't written in a quite a while.  But you see, I have been very busy.  The school year is slowly coming to an end... just about a month and a half and I will be done with my junior year of college.  

The past few weeks have been filled with reports, speeches, a debate, sewing, and teaching!  Let me expound a little...

For my Persuasive speech class I did a three on three debate to a group of about 100 retired folks.  I was on the affirmative team debating that drinking three or more cups of coffee a day was detrimental to one's health.  And guess team and I won!!!  And I actually succeeded in even persuading myself.  I am sure my belief is pretty unpopular with most of you.  However, I am fully convinced that drinking too much coffee has bad effects on one's health.  I would love to go on and on.  However, I am not trying to persuade you that too much coffee is bad but rather that I have been too busy to blog.

Last Thursday I was able to teach a high school history class.  That was a lot of fun!  I was able to teach on anything from the 20th century.  Pretty broad time period, I know.  I choose to do a topic that I knew very little about, and would like to know more about.So I did the Hindenburg.  It was actually very fascinating!

 Do you realize how massive the Hindenburg was?  It was 804 feet long and 135 feet wide.  It was almost as large as the Great Titanic!  It weighed approximately 240 tons! Now isn't that amazing!

 Did you know that Hugo Eckner (the man who designed the Hindenburg) was forced to put the Nazi symbols on the tail fins.  He spoke out forcefully against the Nazi's brutal ways.  Because of this, the Nazi's made him a "non person."  This meant his name could never be printed in the paper, and he could never have his picture taken.  If Eckner didn't comply to put the Nazi symbols o the Hindenburg, the Hindenburg would become the property of Germany.  Thus Eckner complied...

 Did you know it only took 34 seconds for the Hindenburg to burn to nothing but burning wreckage.

Now the fact that is most amazing to me.... 97 souls were on the Hindenburg when tragedy struck....and 65 of them survived.  Now, that is fascinating!

Today, I finished making my culottes!  I am actually pretty impressed!  I made them without too much stress too! :)   I now feel like I could make them again and again without a problem!  

Showing off my creation!

Yes, I have been pretty busy with school work.  But, I will do my best to keep my blog updated.  Now, I must go write another report and prepare for another speech...


  1. Excuses, excuses...;) You did a wonderful job on your culottes, and the lesson was very interesting! However, you have NOT convinced me about the detrimental effects of drinking coffee in excess. (Look at hasn't hurt him, lol):)

  2. Brooke, I am way impressed with the culottes! They are super cute too! :) Unlike your sister, I accept all you excuses for not blogging...:) Glad to see school is good! I can't believe next year is your last year! :) That's really exciting! Miss you girl!