Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

Happy 24th Birthday Nicole! Today, on your birthday I would like to dedicate an entire post to you and try to express my love for you on this special day...

Nicole I don't think you will ever know how much you mean to me...
 You are...
My Support:
Nicole, you have always supported me in every decision I have ever made.  You continue to stand by me in both the good times and the bad.  You are my shoulder to cry upon, my strong arm to lean on, and a warm  hug to run to.  Thanks so much for all the support you have given me through the years.
My Ally:
Nicole, you are my ally.  You have always been on my side defending and protecting your little sis through thick and thin.  I can think of so many times in elementary and high school days when girls picked on me.  I knew all I would have to do is tell my big sister and she would take care of the rest...
My Entertainment:
Nicole, oh, how I could expound on this point.:)   Just thinking back over our childhood days, a smile comes to my face.  We had so much fun together didn't we?  Then I think of more recent days...  Times when we are at work laughing so hard together during quiet time that the other teachers have to reprimand us to try to keep us quiet.  You have a way of making me smile and laugh when I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.
My Audience:
Nicole, I can always count on you to be my audience.  Whether it was my first oral book report in the 7th grade, practicing my ventriloquism, or my articular phonetics, or until now practicing my debate and speeches.  I know I can count on you to be audience.  You simply sit there and listen, although I know you have one hundred other things you would rather be doing.
My Critic:
Nicole, we both know you are definitely my critic as well.  But don't take this wrong..I mean who else would tell me when my top totally crashes with my shirt.  Or if that long beaded necklaces I have been dying to wear just doesn't compliment my outfit too well.  Who else would tell me when I have a crease in the back of my hair, or my makeup no longer matches my skin color.  Only a sister, could tell me the truth... that yes- that does make me look fat.
My Biggest Fan:
Nicole, some of early memories include running cross countries, on to running sprints in track, and attempting at girl's basketball and volleyball.  I knew I could count on my big sister to always be in the stands cheering me on (and taking pictures ;))  Thanks Nicole for always cheering for me, for always applauding, for always saying great job- even when I felt like I had the let the entire team down.  
My Best Friend:
Nicole- I don't know if you will ever understand this...but you truly are my best friend.  Sometimes I feel like I am a little girl looking admiringly up at my big sister, trying to mimic all she does.  Then we go to work together, church together, home together. We laugh to together, cry together, vent together pray together... You are the greatest friend I could ever ask for.  
My Sister:
Lucky, Lucky Me!!!

Happy Birthday!
I Love you!

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  1. Aww...she is special, isn't she!?! :)
    All three of you are lucky to have each other as sisters!!! You are my favorite group of sisters!!! :) But you already know that....
    miss you all!!
    Happy Birthday (again) Nicole!!!