Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Eventful Saturday

Saturday was quite the eventful day for my family and I.
As my sisters and I get a little older sometimes it gets more difficult for us all to do something together.  It seems like one of us is always working, or at a teen activity, or at school.  But this Saturday, one of my babysitting jobs fell through.  So my dad decided that after our morning ministries we have some fun together. 
We left for Chicago at about 11:45
And we ate at Lawry's!

Need I say more?  It was absolutely divine!

The food was great, but the company was even better.  I had such a great time with my family.

After our delicious meal, the dessert came...

I love the Windy City!

When we got back home at about 3:30, my dad announced that we would be going to the High school play in a few hours.  I have always enjoyed going to the hometown plays.  As a speech minor, I find it entertaining to   watch the kids act.  They actually do a really good job!  
This year they did "The Surprise Story of the Three Little Pigs."

At about 8:00 our eventful day came to a close.  
I had such a great time with my family!


  1. Aww, that sounds like sooooo much fun! Glad you were able to take a break and enjoy yourselves :) Miss you all, and see you SOON!!!!

  2. THANK YOU for posting this! I always enjoy visiting your blog!!

    Common Cents