Friday, January 8, 2010

Special People: Nicole

s Nicole is one of the most special people to me in the entire world. Not only is she my co-worker and friend, but she is also my big sis, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. She knows me inside and out. We have grown up with each other. I remember all the fights we used to get into, however things are so different now. Now, I look forward to every time we get to simply hang out together. One reason why I love my big sis so much is simply because she has always been there for me. From elementary to high school to college to work. I always have known I can count on her. I remember times in elementary or high school when people were plain mean, she would be right by my side comforting me. Then she would go have a talk with some girls. I remembering entering into college...I was so nervous, But Nicole took me right under her wing and helped me get started. Getting a job was another big step. I am naturally very shy. However, once again my big sister showed me the ropes. I honestly don't know how I would have ever made it without a big sister...actually I still don't know how I would make it without my Nicole. She means so much to me. I don't think she realizes how much I look up to her in every way. She is so much more than a sister to me...she is also my dear friend


  1. Nicole is a special lady, because she is the oldest child in the LaBate family. She has been the forerunner, pioneer and example for her younger sisters. She has done right and been a great example, and has not disappointed her parents... in fact I know that her parents are very proud of her! Nicole, you are special to me, because you are a great sister and mean so much to my girlfriend.

  2. Thank you so much for that very sweet post, Brooke. I love you and I am so very grateful that God has given us extra time together!
    Also, Paul, I really appreciated your mini post too. ;)