Saturday, January 23, 2010

Special People: Lauren

Today I would like to introduce you to another special person in my life...Lauren. Lauren was my play mate all my childhood life. I have so many wonderful memories with my little sister. All the memories of playing with dolls, barbies, playing school ( I was always the teacher of course), building forts out of our bunk beds, and on and on... However, I also have many many memories of us fighting, fighting about what we would play next, which doll house person she would have, etc...we fought A LOT! However although we fought a lot, my love for her never stopped growing. And the older I get the more I grow to love her. She is always there to cheer me up and offer a bright smile. Lauren means the world to me and I love her so very dearly.

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  1. Well, since this post is about Lauren...I thought i would interject that her bright smile just got brighter this past week. She is no longer wearing her braces and she has a beautiful smile. :) Brooke, I know I already told you, but I love your new profile picture...even if I got cropped out. :) Happy Valentine's Day, Love!