Saturday, January 23, 2010

Computers, computers..

Yea! I am back. Back to taking notes on my computer, back to checking my email, back to blogging, well..back to life with my laptop. The day after I wrote my previous blog on simply not stressing out about school this year, it happened... I really think God was testing me. He said, "Ok- you are going to trust me this semester...ok, so it shouldn't bother you at all if I break your computer cord. Then it shouldn't bother you in the least bit that your replacement cord won't arrive for 10 day. And you know if you are really trusting me- Brooke you will be content to write all your notes out- even though half of your notes are already on the computer. If you are trusting me this semester..this won't bother you." Well I think I failed the test at least at the beginning. It was simply aggravating not to have a computer to do my homework on and take notes on. However, I honestly do think that God was telling me to simply trust. Even in something as simply as a computer cord, God taught me a lesson....Trust, trust, trust...

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