Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Happenings

Can you believe it is July already! The month of June seems to have flown right by me.  However, I have enjoyed every moment of my busy summer.  This is the most busy summer that I can recall.  But in the mean time I try to find a little bit of time to hang out with some of my favorite people: 

I also celebrated my 21st birthday! Yes, I truly feel old now! 

 And now that I am "old" I get the awesome priviledge of being able to work with the youth in my church.  My focus is more on the 7-8th grade girls.  I have had so much fun working along side of these young people.  This last week we had our first activity of the summer.  We went Frisbee golfing! Even though we were being eaten alive by the mosquitoes, we had such a great time.  I really enjoy working with these girls.  I hope to truly impact even just one of these girl's lives.

Not only do I get to work with these young people in the youth group, but also this next semester I am going to be student teaching these junior high kids.  I am going to be teaching 7-8th American Republic as well as 12th grade Speech.  I am so excited to actually put my education to use and stand before a classroom!  This big responsibility has greatly added to my business this summer.  Every spare moment I have I have been making visuals, games, and anything else to add to my teaching.  I know teaching will be a lot of work for me, however, I simply can not wait!

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  1. Glad that I am one of your favorite people!! :) And I know that with your sweet attitude and godly spirit you will impact more than one of those young girls.