Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Reads

I would briefly like to share with you a few good reads that I came across on my vacation:

This first book came highly recommended by a friend of mine. This fairly large book kept me captured the entire way through.  It begins with a young rebellious boy who seems to always be getting in trouble at school and with the town police.  However, as the boy grows up he eventually ends up going to the Olympics and breaking several mile records.  However, in the middle of the Olympic he was called into WWII.  This is where the story gets amazing.  I could go on and on explaining each and every detail to you.  But don't worry I won't.  All I will say it that is a book that I think every American should read.  It will make you to appreciate all that are soldiers do for us, and it will also will renew your pride in America.  We truly have the greatest country in the world.  

This second book also came highly recommended.  This book was a great inspiration!  Encouraging Christians to trust God even when God doesn't work as we think He should.  Angie writes so personally and she is completely transparent, letting her readers see what was going through her mind when the doctors told here that her unborn baby was incompatible with life.  She shares the many lessons she has leaned through the trial she has gone through.  In the end she confidently tells her readers that God meant it for good. God has a plan for all He does.  

Now, I would like to recommend these two amazing and inspirational books to you!


  1. i must admit, those are both great reads,although i only got 1/2 way through Unbroken. . ;) i promise i will finish it. . . ~Lauren

  2. Loved Unbroken! It wouldn't seem so big if you had a Kindle:)