Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wild West

If I could sum up my life right now in one word it would be... Busy!
But that's okay, that's the way I like it.
Right after my little sister's graduation from high school,my family and I headed out West!

We started our trip by taking a nature walk, the view was absolutely amazing!  It was something we Hoosiers were not used to at all.

We then headed back to our beautiful cabin to catch up on our scrap booking

We also played several games of pool.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming was one of my favorite places.

However, no matter how hard we tried, we just could not fit in with the cowgirls around us.  Let me tell you we kinda stuck out!  Every person around me had on flannel, cowboy boots, and a hat...and there we stood... The answer to your question is YES, people did stare at us and ask us where in the world we were from.

During this trip I finally learned how to bead. :) And believe it or not I actually really really enjoyed it! It was so much fun to create my own bracelets.  I already have many people in mind in which I can give these small gifts to. 

Proudly showing off my creations

Despite the cold weather Yellowstone National Park was beautiful!  

Patiently waiting for Old Faithful to shoot up!

There she goes!

 We saw hundreds of buffalo!

Teton National Park was absolutely breathtaking!

Then..we spotted him... the creature we had been longing to see the entire trip... a MOOSE!

 On this trip we saw buffalo, moose, deer, elk, and several other strange creatures that I could not identify   However, this little marmot was my favorite.

Bar J Ranch was quite entertaining.  It is definitely the place to go if you long to hear a grown man yodel!

My trip out West was definitely a trip I will never forget! 


  1. One of my favorite parts of this vacation was probably the beading and scrapbooking. I enjoyed spending time and laughs with you and Lauren! It truly was a fun memorable vacation. :)

  2. I am glad you were able to have a great vacation...your pictures are beautiful.

  3. LOVE the look on your mom's face at Old Faithful! Classic!