Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Mom

 Yesterday, my family and I celebrated the birthday of a wonderful and amazing woman.  A woman that I have the privilege of calling my mom.  This woman means the world to me.  She is my first memory and inspiration.  When I look at my mother I see all that I long to be one day as a wife and mother. Every day I see how selfless she truly is.  Never thinking of her own desires and her own wishes.  She gives of her time, money and her self to others.  Not only is she selfless but also she is genuine and sincere.  Today, so many people are fake, they say one thing but do the opposite.  On the other hand, every day I see my mom live out the life she strives to teach me to live out.  She teaches me to stay close to the Lord, to pray, read my Bible, and put God first in my life.  I then can sit back and watch as she lives out each of those areas in her own life. 
If I had one word to describe my mom, I guess it would be my role model.  You see, I have big plans for my future life.  I want to be a pretty amazing woman someday  I want to touch people lives all around me, I want to be an incredible wife and mother.  When I look at mom- she is all I long to be!
Happy Birthday to the Woman who is all I want to be!
From: the little girl who is still following in your footsteps.  


  1. So sweet!! :) Your Mom is wonderful and she has raised some wonderful daughters! You are very blessed!!!

  2. God sure has blessed us with a great Mother, hasn't He?

  3. That was really sweet Brooke-you do have an amazing Mom--