Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teach me Lord to Wait

I remember my elementary days in which every year I participated in a cross country race.  I will never forget that rush of adrenalin as my friends and I lined up on the white line.  My shoe laces had been tied extra tight by my father.  My friends and I were all talking smack about who would win the prized trophy.  Then, the gun was raised into the air...

On your mark, get Set, go!!! 

Then the gun would fire into the air.
Every year it would of my friends or I would start before the gun fired.  Filled with excitement the rest of us would follow behind, until we were all called to the starting line, and we were told to wait!

I then remember my high school days on the track team.  Time after time sprinters were disqualified for false starts.  Although they may have come in first place...they were disqualified all because they did not wait!
This entire week God has been emphasizing the point of Patience to me.  It seems like every day in my quiet time with God..He gave me a verse showing me the importance of waiting...waiting on the Lord.
Just this morning I came  across this poem:

God's time is never wrong,
Never too fast nor too slow;
The planets move to its steady pace
As the centuries come and go.

Stars rise and set by the time,
The punctual comets come back
With never a second's variance,
From the round of their viewless track.

Men space their years by the sun,
And reckon their months by the moon,
Which never arrive too late
And never depart too soon.

Let us set our clocks by God's
And order our lives by His ways,
And nothing can come and nothing can go
Too soon or too late in our day.
- Annie Johnson Flint

At times I jump the gun, I get excited and try to make decision on my own.  Yet, every time I do, I fail. This past week, God has truly shown me time and time again through His Word to simply wait.  
There are no dates in His fine leisure.


  1. It is hard to wait, isn't it? Especially for us fast paced Americans with our "fast" food, and express checkout lanes. Good reminder to be patient; God's timing is ALWAYS perfect.

    PS And, I try to forget those cross country days! ;)

  2. What a great post! Waiting is such a hard thing but so important. His timing is always best! Love you girl!

  3. Wait on the Lord, He will come through. Even when we cant see the end results.