Saturday, July 3, 2010

Memories from childhood days

Girls, do you remember those silly hand clapping games we used to play when we were young. Ahh...back in our childhood days...
This week at work, I observed my two five year old little girls: Grace and Sarah doing this little hand clapping song: Cherry Cherry Ding-Dong.
As I watch them sing and clap along, I thought back to the little songs I use to sing and clap to when I was young. The girls and I at work immediately began to the show the children some of our clapping songs such: Shame, Shame Shame I don't want to go to Mexico no more more more. Do you remember that one? Or how about Miss Sue, Miss Sue from Alabama, that was always always a favorite of mine.
Yes- some things never change- hand clapping must just be a little girl thing...

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  1. Loved those hand clapping games; sure did pass the time on bus rides! One I never quite understood was "Down on the farm..." remember that one?