Monday, July 26, 2010

The Miracle of Sisterhood

The Mystery: You got in her stuff. She got in your face. You shut her finger in the door (okay, accidentally). She kicked you off the couch. But now when you're together, you sometimes laugh so much you feel certain Mom is going to show up and tell you to keep it down. How it can be, nobody knows, but sisters all over the world understand that it is possible to love somebody who used to drive you nuts- and maybe sometimes still does.
The time you ate all the dough before you could make the cookies? That stays between the two of you!
Beware of sisters who have joined forces against a common enemy
You're not just sisters. You're two people bound by the fact that you know far too many embarrassing stories about each other.
No matter what the scheme, you can always count her in
Forget "how are you doing?" The real question is "who weighs more?"
Definition of Cooperation: Cramming a mountain of hair products, a ton of makeup, a hairdryer, a set of rollers, a radio, and a couple of sisters in to a small bathroom with a single outlet and one mirror.
Some days it's no surprise that sister rhymes with arm twister.
With a sister no background information is ever required when you're telling a story. How great is that?
If you're going to break a house rule, it's best to do it together.
With a sister you can ask which fork to use at a fancy dinner without being embarrassed.
Off come the shoes. Out come the contents of the fridge. On and on goes the talk well into the night.
If you don't feel like talking, your sister doesn't automatically assume you're mad at her
You are never, ever required to fake a laugh when you're with your sister.
Nicole and Lauren, I love you more than words could ever express- Brooke


  1. Hey sis I love u 2, and am so thankful 4 the awesome sisters that I have. I have the best!

  2. My first thought after reading your post was how evident your love for each other is~you guys don't take each other for granted. Makes me wish my sisters were closer in age rather than 15+ years younger :)

  3. That was so sweet and so very, very true. I love you both an awful lot and am ever so grateful that God blessed me with not only one sister, aka partner in crime, but two...:)

  4. aww..this was soo sweet..i consider all three of u like the sisters i never had..miss you guys!! Tab:)

  5. Beautiful!!!

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