Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What have I been up to???

It seems like I have not written forever!  But I think I have a good enough excuse.  I have been pretty busy...
Let me tell you all that I have been up to the last several weeks...
The Christmas Lights Activity
 My group
 The Girls

 Girl's Dorm Christmas Party
 The electricity went out before the party even began, but we still had a great time eating, talking, and playing games.  

 Now, the interesting part...on the way back from the Dorm Party....
I was driving one of my friends home... Well let me explain...the weather was bad, real bad.  I mean I could hardly see anything in front of me.  Well let me just get to the point...I went into a ditch...

 No, it wasn't that bad, but it did look something like this...
I wanted to take  pictures so bad, but I just couldn't bring myself to be snapping pictures while 4 men furiously worked to get my car out of the ditch.  And did I mention I went into a ditch on the school property... Embarrassing!!!
Now, the school year is coming to an end.  Tomorrow I will take my last final...
All this to say, starting next week I will be back to my normal blogging self.


  1. week we need to schedule some sister time! ;)

  2. Loved seeing pictures of the Christmas lights and girls party! Brought back memories!
    I have an embarrassing story about getting stuck on the church property too but it was on the back hill when it was all ice! I know how you feel!! :)