Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Special People: Paul

Well, I haven't written for a while so I thought I would pick up doing a special person. So today, I would like to introduce you to Paul. If you read my blog much, I guess I wouldn't have to introduce you to this man. You would know him quiet well by now. This young man has been my "special friend" for about three years. Wow...Has it really been that long? From the moment I saw Paul walk on the campus my junior year in high school I told myself he was definitely someone I would like to get acquainted with. The whole story is kinda strange. But within a short time we were chatting after church. I was still just a junior in high school and he was a sophomore in college, so it was kinda difficult. But here we are three years later still chatting after church and I still look at him and think I want to get to know this man a little more. And every moment I spend with him the more I realize I want to spend more time with him and I think I could get use to chatting with this guy all the time. Paul is truly the man of my dreams. We have definitely had our ups and downs. But through it all I have realized that no one else quite fits me as Paul does.

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