Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alike but Different

How can two people in the same family be so different? How can two twins be extreme opposites. How can one be so sweet and quiet and the other so boisterous and rowdy? I just don't understand it. Let me explain... So we have these two twins at work: Bella and Mena. Well, how about I just simply post our conversation we had.
Mena was sitting on my lap and Bella was standing next to me when one of the two noticed I had an owie on my finger.
Meet Mena:

Miss Brooke, you have a owie on your finger. What happened to it?

Hmm..I don't know Mena, I didn't even see that.

Want me go get you a band aid and make it all better for you?

No, but thank you Mena

Here, Miss Brooke, I gonna kiss it and make it all better for you....(KISS)...All better?

Yes, Mena all better.

Meet the other half, Bella:

Hey Miss Brookey you got a owie on your finger...does this hurt, does this hurt when I dig my nail in your owie , Brookey does it hurt you? huh huh?

OWWWW!!! Yes! Bella that does hurt, now stop that!

Hey, Miss Brookey look what I am gonna do, I gonna lick it, look Mena, I licking Miss Brookey's owie. Do you like that?
Yes, alike yet so so different

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