Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Special People: Christina

" We've been friends forever. I suppose that can't be true. There must have been a time before we became friends but I can't remember it. You are in my first memory and all my best memories ever since."
I couldn't continue my Special people posts without mentioning my best friend, Christina. Christina and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I can't think back to a time in my life in which we were not friends. She attended all my birthday parties and she was the one that I would invite to my house for countless sleepovers. I still have a box filled with literally hundreds of little notes from her. My favorite one to this day was a little note written on purple construction paper... in big, bold, block letters, Christina promised me that she would be my bestest friend forever. You know, all though she made that promise at 7 years of age she never broke that promise, and I don't think she ever will. We have so many memories together. As I think back to our childhood I can't help but laugh aloud at some of the ridiculous things we did together. As we entered high school, I remember how nervous we were, however we walked in together and four years later we walked across the platform together to receive our diplomas. High school graduation seems so long ago. Then we entered college, once again filled with nervousness and fear. She began taking Elementary Education and I Secondary Education. We have always been very different. Yet, even though I hardly get to see much of my best friend any more, I never doubt or friendship. She has always been there for me. We have been through so much together, whether it be selling candy together (remember when we almost got kidnapped...seriously) learning to dive into the pool together ( remember when you hit your head on the bottom of the pool- I was never so scared in my life) going to the principles's office together (oh wait- you didn't come with me on that one did you- in matter of fact- I was going to ask you - did you tell on me...Cause if you did...we got to talk....), falling off a ski lift together ( sorry that I pulled you down with me, I couldn't fall alone) getting sick at the fair together, on an on through the good times and the bad. Through victories and defeat, through break ups and heart aches. Christina is and forever will be my bestest friend!


  1. Me...tell on you?? Never!! Although I have to admit I was glad it was you and not me! The times we have shared:) Don't worry about the falling...I have pulled you down with me many times too, but somehow we always manage back on our feet together!!