Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a place so amazing that it warrants more than a glance over the edge. It is a spectacle so incredible that if you venture below it's rim - the experience will forever change your perspective of the world you live in.

My little sister, Lauren, just climbed the Grand Canyon. She had been training for this 11 hour hike for several months, and now she has completed her course. This next week she will also be white water rafting down the Snake River, and hiking several more difficult trails. She will be returning back home again on Friday night. I can not wait for her get back home. Although we may get on each other's nerves every once in a while, she means so very much to me and I wish I could have taken this trip with her. All my life I have hated sharing a room, I just wanted to have my very own room and have a little privacy. Now these past 7 days, I have had all the privacy I could possibly want- I have my own room, and I have both Lauren's closet and mine to choose from every day. Yet, I have found myself counting down the days till I can share my room with Lauren, counting down the days till I can hear her yell at me for wearing her shirt. I really miss my little sis, and I can not wait to hear all her exciting stories from her trip.

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