Saturday, May 19, 2012

College Life

I cannot believe that I have now successfully finished my college education.  These last four years seem to have flown by.  Looking back over my last four years of college there are so many lessons that I have learned.  I entered into my freshman years of college with my life completely planned out. As a 18 year old, I could have written a timeline of my life...I knew who I was going to marry, when I would marry, what I would be doing, and where I would be living. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  My plans were all good, however I never imagined that perhaps God had different plans for me. 

Freshman Year 2008-2009

College World Series

My freshman year several of my friends and I acted out a play of the life of Jim Elliot.  We then were able to preform for a group of teenagers during our annual Empowered Youth Conference.

My first of four Christmas Lights Activities.  Enjoying my time in Chicago with some new friends

I was also able to spend the first semester of my freshman year along side of my big sister and her girlfriends.  I had so much fun tagging along with her.

Bowling and dinner trips with friends

My sophomore year was much of the same.  I spent much of my time with new friends, still wrapped up in My dreams and My plans.  However, at the end of my sophomore year it was as if God stripped away all my plans. I did not understand why.  And at times I wondered what God was doing in my life.  Why would God take away all that I held dear?  I became angry...

 Sophmore Year 2009- 2010

College Fun

Liz and I

My junior year I spent trying to fill my void.  I finally accepted that God had taken away all my plans and I realized it was for the best.  However, instead of learning to rely fully upon God I began to develop new plans.  I talked to my boss at my job and planned out my future with her.  Together we planned my schedule for the next two years of college  We then discussed how I would take a full time position the day after I graduated from college.  
I once again made new friends, however my hands were still tightly around my own plans...I was holding onto my life and simply wouldn't let go. 

Junior Year 2010-2011

Watching a flag football game.

Annual Christmas Lights Activity

 Girls Dorm Christmas Party

My junior year I even attempted sewing a bit.  Honestly, haven't sat at a sewing machine since then :)

My Senior year brought so many changes into my life.  My first semester I was simply BUSY!!! I student taught 7th and 8th grade American Republic as well as 12th grade Public Speech.  At the beginning of this semester my family and I made a move to a beautiful new home.  I was always working, preparing for classes, grading papers, and unpacking!

Senior Year 2011

 My final Christmas Light Activity

My last day teaching my 7th and 8th grade History students

As I look back over my last semester of college something changed in side of me.
Toward the end of the year I began to have several difficulties arise.  I had no where to turn to, so finally I was forced to take a moment from my busy life and look upward.  
I began to have many difficulties at work, I was lied about by a fellow coworker.  I then watched as my hours at work began to dwindle down to nothing.  I began to worry and fret about what I would do after graduation.  My life was not going according to my plans.  I went to my boss and asked about what would happen after graduation, she told me I may not get those promised 40 hours a week.  I was so frustrated! And at some point I began to doubt everything.  I doubted the love of God.  I could not understand why a loving God could not grant me MY desire.

Then through a series of events I learned a simply yet life changing truth.  God Loves Me,God loves me  sooo much.  He loves me more than I can ever comprehend.  When I recalled that truth, my entire mindset changed...I realized that God wasn't out to make my life miserable, instead He had something far better in mind for me.  
I remember the day I finally let go of it all. I went through all my dreams and gave them all over to God.  I remember verbally telling God that He now had everything, I was completely done planning my life out , it was now completely up to Him.
Since that day, I no longer fear my future...why should I?  My future is not only in the hands of a all knowing and all powerful God but also in the hands of a Loving God.  A God who wants only the very best for me.

"God would never take something away from me without the intention of replacing it with something better"

These last few months have been filled with some pain.  At times I cried out to God and asked Him what He was doing in my life.  At time I still question God.  However, the moment I let go of my plans God showed Himself to me.
God granted me with an great new job- a job that has provided me with 40+ hours a week.
God removed some friends from my life however He has replaced them with amazing friends that share the same mind with me and only desire to lift me higher.

At times, I sit quietly in my room and wonder...what does my future hold?  However, now..I do not fear my future...because it is no longer in my hands, rather a God who loves me with immeasurable love is planning my life out.  Therefore, I can rest assure, that as long as I leave my life in His future will be bright.

Senior Year 2012

Navy Pier

My last activity ever: Turkey Run State Park.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend my last year with my little sister, Lauren

Hiking some rather intense trails...

May 17, 2012: College Graduation

As for God....His way is Perfect!
I am so excited to see what God has in store for me 


  1. Great post Brooke.

    So true about the things that God has for us being so much better than anything our earthly minds could imagine.

    Congratulations on your graduation!

  2. Great post! I love you so much, and I sure am going to miss you in college! Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you.

  3. "God having provided some better thing for us..." This post was so very touching and sounded like something I almost could have written a couple of years ago. I know by nature we are planners and like to know what the future holds, but as you well know my life is way better now than what I had planned for it in college. I am so glad that you are trusting God and letting go of your life. I am and have been praying for you daily. I am so very proud of you and all you have become throughout college. But I am even more excited to see the life God has planned for you because I know it is far better than anything we could have ever planned out. I love you, sis.

  4. Such a great post!! (Minus the old pics of me!) ;) First, congrats on graduating!! I loved reading this and seeing how much you have grown and how God has lead you and changed you for the better these last few years! God does have great things planned for you and I too am excited to see what He's going to do with your life! You are such a special young lady and I am proud to say, friend of mine! I'm so glad we got to share a couple years of college! Looking back at the pictures I was remembering all kinds of great memories together! :) Keep trusting in God and let Him lead you in every decision and you will have a better life than you ever imagined! Love you!

  5. Brooke,
    Congratulations on finishing your four years :) It was great getting to know you this past year, I hope this summer goes well for you, and I'll probably see you next fall :)